NBA 06 5

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  • Author: bismark84

Tags: 06  Awesome  Basketball  Best  Funny  NBA  Vid 

Awesome Basketball vid from NBA 06 awesome

Baño de Grisu, Bariloche 2006

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  • Author: Shorshonita

Tags: 06  bariloche  boys  britney  cry  dance  dont  drunk  egresados  funny  hot  ladies  maria  reina  sexy 

Dedicado a todos los hombres que siempre se preguntan porque las mujeres tardan en el baño.No teniamos la menor idea de quien era "Flor", pero era amiga de "Guada" que lloraba porque se habia peliado con el novio. Tampoco sabiamos quien era Guada. Las presentes eramos Ka, Nela, Yamila, Pula, Anabel y Mariana.

Drivers Warning

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  • Author: DRAGONDEMON69

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He Gave me this warning before I almost crashed!!!!!!

I almost crashed!!!!!!11

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I thought this was funny,, I almost smacked up my 06 STI!!!!!!

Carloo The Funny 06

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  • Author: Carloo156

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Very funny, just for SMILE

Adele & Bruno - Versione Esame

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  • Author: iThrash

Tags: 06/07  adele  bruno  comunicazione  CV  cv1  esame  film  funny  hollywood  lugano  movie  school  scuola  SUPSI  Trevano  video  visiva comment!(I.T.'s version)

teddy show 06

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Tags: 06  funny  teddy 

last one for now

funny 06

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Tags: Comedy 

ya right

Skiing December Zermatt

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  • Author: fregger

Tags: 06  07  crash  december  fall  fun  funny  looking  maeve  ski  Skiing  snow  stupid  wipeout  zermatt 

My family and I skiing in Zermatt in December 2006. Snow wasn't great but was still fun:) Opening song "Black Dog" by Led Zeppelin other "Blister in The Sun" by Violent Femmes

Heeha give that man a cigar!

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Tags: 06  cancun  cigar  dance  frogs  funny  heeha  mexico  nightclub  senior 

The first guy was a stand in for Hannibal in the A-Team. Honest!Dancing in Cancun06.


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Tags: 2006  catch  crazy  dog  funny  geisha  hang  pitbull  rope  running  tree  trying  upa 

She loves it what can we say, everything is a game to her everything..

Fushigi Yuugi Favourites 06 - nigete (RAW)

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  • Author: paddileska

Tags: 06  curious  favorite  favourite  funny  fushigi  nigete  play  watase  yuu  yuugi 

NigeteThis is a short segment from one of the episodes of Yuu Watase's Fushigi Yuugi [aka Curious Play]. Sorry if it's still in Japanese. I need to figure out how to sub it. Hope you have fun watching!-----I do not own this. This is merely for sharing the video for those who would want to view it. It is copyrighted and should not be copied without proper permission. Thank you.


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Tags: crazy  fun  funny  funny06  funny2006  haha  stupid 

Lip synctastic! Hilarious


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Tags: beach 

on the way to the beach

The Office video

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  • Author: mobilegamefreak

Tags: basketball  chair  Dwight  fun  funny06  games  golf  humour  kid  nuts  office  paperball  racing  The  vid  video 

The Emmy nominated TV series The Office now comes to you as a game for your cell phones. Available with all leading cell phone companies, 'The Office games' features 6 fun filled mini games in one. Relive the fun and excitement of the series on your cell phone.Try your hand at 'Putt Putt Golf' on your table, balance a 'Stack-o-files' while running across the corridor, go on an all out 'Paper War', burn your 'Hot Wheels' as you chair race your way around the office, shoot 3 pointer baskets in 'Wasketball' with that crushed all important memo and if you still have it in you, participate in the all American version of field goal kick in 'Hate Ball'.

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