sik shit

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funny 2 watch


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funny #2

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this is funny this will make you jump off your seet

lol funny 2

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i lovie lol funny 2 cool

funny 2

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ok funny 2 ho yes and cool

crazy funny 2!

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second edition of the crazy funny seriesits pretty random

The Chipmunks - Tamil Song

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a tamil song...i cant really spell da name..palanadhe or the...i ono...but it sounded funny 2 me...


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Bleach Funny #2

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This one took awile if you like it comment or rate if you don't like it shut-up


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scary of funny 2?

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really funny

Naruto chatroom 1- Is sakura dead???

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This is my first chat so plz dont be mean...plz rate and is a little bit funny 2...hope u enjoye it...

Naruto funny (2)

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der zweite teil von naruto funny

2 funny male rabbits

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very funny 2 male rabbits have happy hour

Jonas Brothers falling in love with 3 fans ch 2

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Ok well joe and teresa hit it off and teresa ask joe if he can ask his bros whick gurl they liked and the gurls all got the man that they wanted. After the concert it was to late to call teresa so hes gonna call u when he wakes up..............................................................................Joe:(yawns) oh im so tryed wat time is it. oh its 11 yesNick:be quit up there im trying 2 sleepJoe:(jumps out of his bunk)nick wake up its 11 lets call teresa then i can get ashley num for unick:(wakes up and jumps out of his bunk excited)call her call her wat u waiting forJoe:ok ok im calling her goesnick:sorry i just like ashley shes perfectjoe:by wat u seen and heard yesurdaynick:ya she told me a lot and we have so much in commonJoe:cool oh hold on shes picking upTersea:hello(yawns)Joe:u yawn cuteTeresa:joe oh sorry im just tryedjoe:ya me 2 but i wanted 2 call uTeresa:its nice tht u thinking of mejoe:well i cant forget about a preet ladyteresa:oh goes u no how to make a gurl blushnick:oh goes ima be sick ask her about ashleyjoe:ok i well just shut upteresa:watjoe:oh nuthin i was talkin to nick he want 2 no ashleys num teresa:oh its (209)985-81##NICKS:thank u thank uTeresa:laughs ur welcomejoe:hey man i never saw my brother this excited for a gurl especilly a gurl he meetteresa:well she has tht powerjoe:oh just like u teresa:no every guy likes her shes so pretty and smart and funny 2joe:i think ur so pretty, smart, and funny with a gorgous smileteresa:oh thanks u have wonderful voice& smile 2 and great hairjoe:thanks i work alot on my hairteresa:so do i its takes me for ever like 2 hoursjoe: no way me 2 teresa: (laughs)ashley:(sreams) teresa guess whos callin me right nowTeresa:im guess nickashley:yateresa:y wont u pick it upashley:ya tht will be a good ideaTeresa_omg shes so dum sometimes especilly for boyzjoe:was tht ashley screamingteresa:yaJOE:i thought u said she was smartteresa:she is but not for boyz she notjoe:oh that funny so umm.. i dont have a concert today and i just wanted 2 no if u wanna go out to eatteresa:ya i would love tht but wat timejoe:7 for dinnerteresa:ya i would love thtjoe:cool ill call u laterteresa:kjoe;byeteresa:byeAshley and nickAshley;hellonick:hey ashleyashley:hey nick i was just thinking about unick:me 2ashley:so wat u up 2nick:oh nuthin wat sbout uashley:nuthin just borednick:oh so since im bored and ur bored u wanna go out tonightashley:ya i would love thtnick:cool um do u no maria numberashley:ya its (209)409-29##nicks:thanks when kev wakes up ima give it to himashley:ya maria sleeping 2 nick:she spend the night at ur houseashley:ya her parents r out of town for 2 weeksnick:oh bussinessashley:ya how u nonick:just a guessashley:well u guessed rightnick:well ya so ima call u later im gonna eat and wake up kev plus i think my moms making breakfeatashley:ya ima eat 2 so byenick:bye.............................................................................NICK:kev wake up kevin:watnick:guess watkevin:u gonna let me sleepnick:no better i got marias numberkevin:reallynick;ya ashley just gave me itkevin:sweet ima call hernick:i thought u wanted 2 sleepkevin: heck no i want to talk to maria she more important than sleepingnick:ok bro see u in the kickenkevin:ok (calls maria)maria:wat u want im sleepinkevin:oh sorry u want me 2 call back latermaria falls of her bedmaria:no no im sorry i thought u might be someone eslekevin;like whomaria:my ex he always callskevin:oh u keep in touchmaria:ya we were friends before we went out and we r still good friends even after the break upkevin:he not those jealus boys is hemaria:no no hes not like tht at allkevin:oh good well im bored and there no concert today so i just wanted to no if u wanna go watch a movie todaymaria:sure wat kind of moviekevin:ur choicemaria:ok ill pick when we get therekevin:ok ill pick u up at 8maria:ya thts goodkevin:ok ill call u later 2 ask for ur address kmaria:ya bye cant waitkevin:me 2 byemaria:bye.............................................................................Well joe ask teresa out on there date?Well nick ask ashley out on there date?And kevin will he also ask maria out on there date?Or will they all wait for the 2nd date umm lets see stay tuned for ch 2 part 2 // created at

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