Labourer.3gp This Is So Funny 3G Video

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  • Author: MegaGun

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Mate of mine gave me this few weeks ago been meaning to upload this for weeks had it on my mobile just dragged it off.EnJoYMegaGun

Ipod Touch

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  • Author: TheAmigops

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Mark on his ipod touch lol

IPhone 3G Will Make You Broke

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  • Author: HeRantsAlot

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With the cheaper price of the new iPhone 3G...You can now do so much more to help you manage your finances.

Mars Bar Spot by 3G Graphics

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  • Author: OverlordGr01

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This is an idea by my group with non-profit intentions, or any other commercial use. The Mars Bar Trademark is not used as it is. We re-made it with some changes for this purpose alone.


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  • Author: fusioncraz

Tags: 2rd  3g  funny  iphone

Funny 3G advertisement

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  • Author: paradoxoflife

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This is what happens when you have a 3G enabled phone.

3G phone commercial

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  • Author: sherryQiu

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Boss is calling....still wan to use 3G phone anymore?? :D

funny 3G

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  • Author: Billy851

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This is one video which i like a lot so decide to upload's funny.

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