sled fail

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  • Author: HolyShenigansFilms

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my brother getting pizzowned.

Football manager

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  • Author: hiltonstyle2

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Visit the website guys (Y)

Support Raven Rage!

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  • Author: Leathertoast

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Yeah, so there's this guy named ravenrage07. You might've heard of him, you might've not. The point is, he needs views. So it's your job to deliver. GIVE HIM VIEWS!!! Here is the link to his channel: in the video there are pictures so don't get too bored at first.

The Awesome Garrys Mod Movie!

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  • Author: P4rrotBoy94

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Here is probably the crappiest machinima by ParrotBoy so far... So here is everything you need to know about it...Song List: (In order of appearence)Darren Styles - Lost the plotRick Astley - Never gonna give you upLimp Bizkit - Break StuffPaul Engemann - Scarface (Push it to the limit)William orbit - Barber's Adagio For stringsThe prodigy - Firestarter (Instrumental)Rob Dougan - Clubbed to deathThe hives - Walk Idiot WalkWas - Everybody Walk the dinosaur??? - Nedm AcapellaBilly Reid - Im Typing LOLFeeder - JUst a dayAndrew W.K. - Party Hard??? - Nedm Acapella (Again)Various Other fun facts:1 weeks worth of work...Uninstalled gmod about 10 timesCrashed Hundreds of times...Various Emails sent to steam support about crashesVarious files lossesDays worth of lurking for jokesTimes Got annoyed... About 5,000Wanted to give up in various areasTimes thought Its crap, All the time.Thanks To W33n for supporting me... Well.. Messaging me with random crap...Also, Thanks to ICTON for not getting sick of me on the forums! :DEnjoy all 9 mins and 30secs of it...


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the puppies millie and poppy didnt get on at first, here is a cronicle of their epic battles

Mudkip Responds to your Love

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  • Author: MudkipBreeder

Tags: 4chan  dewgong  funny  haddaway  heard  herd  internet  liek  like  love  meme  Mudkip  pokemon  seaking  seakip  turtwig  what  you 

Hes kinda touchy on the whole issue, but I bet he still lieks you.

You Are a Loser

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  • Author: RyouConcord

Tags: 4chan  comedy  concord  da  funny  geek  loser  nerd  ryou  Shoop  the  whoop 

Our hero finds himself utterly distraught by his findings around him! The insanity ensues.Low Quality, Better Audio Version: to myself, KittenCrusader, and my brother Matt.

4chan - Lost Pokemon

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  • Author: WatsEat2Yuh

Tags: 4chan  funny  loc  lost  pokemon 

Loc finds something on his computer...

4chan gifs

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  • Author: dizzy69er

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random gif animations set to music lol

What Is .gif?

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  • Author: giantpanda23

Tags: 4chan  adam  cloutier  earthbound  funny  giantpanda23  haddaway  is  love  montage  motivational  poster  random  SNL  what 

The one montage to rule them all.

You Are A Loser (Low Quality)

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  • Author: RyouConcord

Tags: 4chan  comedy  concord  da  funny  geek  loser  nerd  ryou  Shoop  the  whoop 

Our hero finds himself utterly distraught by his findings around him! The insanity ensues.Credit to myself, KittenCrusader, and my brother Matt.high quality, bad audio version:

/b/ phone pics

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  • Author: Genericdesu

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my brother and cousin looking at phone pics... what fags

How To Create: Something Good

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  • Author: TSX028

Tags: 4chan  cooking  funny  high  how  lol  PHS  pioneer  school  to  tutorial 

FeaturingChris and MarcoIf you are not extemely fluent in spanish you will not understand these native speakers. sorry

Oh yeah teddy!

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  • Author: Munpo64

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