Mark & Zhane

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Tags: 8th  dance  dancing  funny  grade  Mark  Zhane 

Our 8th grade dance.Haha & Mark cant dance xp JK.

Brandon 8th grade graduation

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  • Author: billx72

Tags: 8th  brandon  falling  Funny  grade  jumping  kid  silly  son 

Bran being himself, falling then accepting 8th grade diploma, then jumping off stage!!

Drake's Dance.

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  • Author: Mosspaw

Tags: 8th  dance  drake  funny  grade  king  mr  school 

Yes, Mr. King.I put it up. And here it is...The Octojig.NOW YOU CAN'T NAG ME ANYMORE.Oh and to all who do not know me, I DO KNOW I SOUND RETARDED. D:

GGR The Lost Episode 8-Part 3

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  • Author: sm2142

Tags: 2nd  8th  funny  g-mod  garry  garrys  gmod  gone  half  hl2  life  mod  part  random 

not much to say here...just the epic conclusion of ep. 8! COMMENT AND ENJOY!

Where Did the Cats Go? - Chuck Norris and the Cats

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  • Author: EJTheSnail

Tags: 8th  cats  chaminade  chuck  college  comedy  did  funny  go  lmao  lol  norris  parody  preparatory  rock  rofl  screamo  talent  where 

Screamo piece about our school's cat infestation.Actually, this is an unintentional reincarnation of an inside joke back in 6th grade (remember the cat commercial on Channel 1? I sang that commercial screamo style to Izzy and Ella and it stuck). People eventually forgot it, but I just happened to be singing about cats in this piece and realized that it's very similar to the 6th grade one.I don't sound very loud in this video, but I am actually a lot louder in person.Members:Lead singer - Erick-John VeselyRecorder player - Zach KhouryKeyboard - James O'ConnellBongos - Max GatesGuy holding lyrics - Will SchellhornOther guy at beginning - Drew MillerChaminade College Preparatory 2008 Talent Show (Our school doesn't choose a first place; probably because it would "shame" the losers)

GGR The Lost Episode 8-Part 2

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Tags: 2nd  8th  funny  g-mod  garry  garrys  gmod  gone  half  hl2  life  mod  music  part  random 

REMEMBER TO KEEP WATCHING AFTER THE CREDITS!!!!!!!!!!!!! Part 2 of this ever so epic episode is now rdy to view!!! like last time, leave a 5 star rating and LOTS OF COMMENTS!!! oh yeah, and if you don't already know, the ending will surprise you! Falling Car Crew FOREVER!

Hernando Cortez

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Tags: 8th  bored  class  cortez  funny  grade  hernando  lala  lalala  lookout  project  SOBORED  spanish 

Me and my friend's project for spanish class.

8th grade tabasco shot

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  • Author: WalaCalaZiggy

Tags: 8th  dare  friends  funny  grade  pizza  shop  shot  tabasco 

this is me and my friends at a near by pizza place after our mock trial after we at some pizza we started to goof off and play jack n poe to see who takes a shot of soda, tabasco, and black pepper mixed together.

Wavey Ferry Ride!

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Tags: 8th  eastern  ferrie  ferry  funny  grade  island  mackinac  ride  stormy  trip  wet 

we went to mackinac island with the entire class, and we got on a ferrie wit stormy weather. it was sooo funny! xD excuse my laughter :]

FUNNY/RANDOM!!! Sabrina's 8th grade grad vid!!!

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  • Author: punkalexxa

Tags: 8th  funny  grade  graduation  punkalexxa  random  sabrina 

this is for my BFF sabrina for her 8th grade promomtion! i thought this would be an awsome present! hope u like it!!!I OWN NOTHING OR THESE SONGS AND CARTOONS!!! THIS IS PURLEY FAN MADE!!!

Colin lost his eyebrow

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Tags: 8th  brady  colin  eyebrow  freak  funny  grade  lost  off  shaved  show 

funny 8th grade shit

Dejuan and Cecil acting dumb.

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  • Author: kassy12benitez

Tags: 8th  aha  cecil  dejuan  dummys  funny  grade  lol  springstowne 

dejuan and cecil at lunch clapping and shit.

Deleon's best work Suprisingly enough

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  • Author: goodygrrl222

Tags: 8th  barbers  class  deleon  funny  mrs.  period  rancho  verde 

this is the best so far cause he isnt dancing...singing...hes uhmm...talking ii guess. whatever it sounds better than his singing

lafontant funny 8th

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  • Author: rejinot

Tags: lafontant 


8th grade D.C. trips

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  • Author: ilybabe17

Tags: 8th  d.c.  funny  grade  great  trips  videos 

fun times... we went to d.c. for a trip and boys couldnt keep their pants on!!! the teachers talk about their video... hahaha

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