Here comes The Doctor

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  • Author: Holld1989

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My friend Laura put me up to this, so blame her. It's a collection of my fav Doctor who clips set to the song "Voodoo Child" (Here come the drums) by Rouge Traders Sadly none of the clips are mine, but belong to the BBCEnjoy!!!!

the 9th pawn Nelson drunk

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Tags: 9th  dinky  funny  guitar  jackson  megadeth  metal  metallica  nelson  pawn  riff  rock  slayer  unsigned 

This is nelson aka "the box" havin too many shots of bacardi select and tryin to play a riff (really fucked up) of the song Dig Your own Grave. Yeah this was the original riff but now the song is perfected. This is some funny shit!!!!!

Boried in 9th period at school

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  • Author: Jasentha123

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i was bored so i mess with my camera a bit and this was so funny and retarted in the class room lol

An Original Song by Amy

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  • Author: katietothet

Tags: 9th  alex  amy  basketball  funny  grade  jenny  original  song 

An original song by Amy.Dedicated to Jenny.

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