The Aj Cj show episode one

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Watch me watch me!!!the first episode of the aj cj show!!!yay!!

grand theft auto 4 mission 89 gameplay part two choice 2

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  • Author: ALPHAgamerXYZ

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this is me playing gta:4 mission 89 (A REVENGER'S TRAGETY)part two choice 2

jonas love story episode 1

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hey this is my first episode so hope you guys like it *comment*sorry its so short.Starring:jobrosheather M.jayden T.pablo[by the way hes gay]joe:hey nick wanna go to starbucks.nick:yeah sure why not.kevin:im coming too!*going to starbucks*[so the story is the jonas brothers are staying in california for 4 months. and today is their first day.]*heather,jayden,pablo*jayden:heather!just because your 2 weeks older then me. dosnt mean you can drive better!pablo:now jayden just be patient,we're about to go.....where are we going?heather:wanna hit starbucks?jayden:now why would we want to drive into starbucks?heather:not like that i meant, do you want to go to starbucks?im starving!pablo:looks like someone has a big appitite today.*jayden and pablo laugh**back to jonas*joe:im not so hungry anymore.kevin:me either.nick:well im starving so im gonna order.can i have a vanilla coffe?thnx.*the others walk into starbucks*jayden:im gonna have nightmares for the rest of my life cuz of your driving.heather:ha ha very funny aj.*jaydens nickname*pablo:now girls dont start a......omj its the jonas brothers.aj/heather:WHAT ..WHERE?!pablo:right there 5o'clock.[by the way aj and jayden are the same people]jayden:okay just be cool.heather:i have to pee.both:HEATHER!*everyone stares*heather:what? ima go to the bathroom.nick/heather:oh. im sorry. its okay.*silence*nick:hi, im nick.heather:im heather.nick:i like that name.heather:*blushing* thanks. i was actully on my way to the bathroom.nick:oh. okay. ill see you later then.heather:okay.bye.*heather walking to jayden and pablo*heather:what is this ?jayden:me and joe ran into we started talking.heather:oh okay.nick:oh hey its you again.heather:yeah.its me.joe:*whispers in jaydens ear*wann go somwhere?jayden:*nodded yes*joe:hey,we're gonna go somewhere.jayden:heather,ill meet you at my house at 10.heather:okay.*they leave*nick:so uhmm. wanna go to that carnival on brodway and ximino.?pablo/heather:SURE!heather:he meant me!id love to go.nick:ill be home soon kev.kevin:okay.*they leave**kevins callin*Phone:kevin:hey stacy!stacy:kev is that you ?!kevin: yeah its me i want to say im in town.wanna go to the carnival.?stacy:yeah!ill see you soon!*end convo*kevin:hey dude ima go bye.pablo:bye. ill just go shopping.[joe and jayden left.but where to?][nick and heather go to the carnival,what will happen?][kev and stacy go to the carnival too but the others dont know][whos stacy?][find out on the next episode]hey this is my first series so tell me if you guys like it *subscibe**comment*

the happy birthday song

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these incredibly talented girls serenaded my friend on his birthday

ajs humiliation!!!

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aj is running away from my hamster Lattte all around my house

aj dancing...

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well its aj...dancing...with dan

Just another dance movie

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the best dance instructors are hiding in your own family.

AJ show soo funny

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  • Author: LOSTfansx3

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heres another!!

AJ SHOW ah so funny

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  • Author: LOSTfansx3

Tags: AJ  bloopers  funny  hannah  happy  montana  silly 

funny stuff!! :)

I need fabulous help.

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Tags: aj  crazy  fabulous  fierce  funny  gay  help  it  less  lmao  lol  loves  point  rofl 

Probly gonna delete soon just leave comments and tell me if its worth watching =]

Relay for Life

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Mr. Pagent at Relay for Life

About AJ Out Loud

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Just some of my art work I would like to show you and a little bit of my comic, AJ Out Loud. Comment and Rate Please.

For AJ- Celebrity (Troy & Jamie)

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Jamie: it's Troy and myself singing AJ's favourite song 'Celebrity' It also has random convos that AJ's had. we'll post them here---AJ: i'm ready, I've been practicin'...Can't really quit my job at dairy cream right now.I have to say. America...Here I come!--AJ: -at a coffee shop- Is this soy?..I asked for a SOYSA: oh you didn't order Soy sir!AJ: Excuse me? Did I order soy?Customer behind: yes he did!AJ: hey..HEY! get the manager!---AJ: -to the SA- this is not a SOY Latte. this is milk product!---AJ: -to manager- Taste that! taste that!---AJ: forcing the manager to drink the latte- IS THAT SOY?!Manager: mmhmh!!AJ: IS THAT SOY?!---(school drama preformance)Carly: I found somebody here who's a country musicianAJ: She's gonna pick me, I have no doubt in my mind, there was such chemistryCarly: AJ...i'm sorry. There was no chemistry.---Carly: there's just something that sparkles about him.Hunter: chicks dig Rhinestones---AJ: CAN I GET A MOCHA.SOY.LATTE---AJ: pours latte on the floor- HAHAManager: [gasp]---Prop: I wanna show you, how riddiculous this hat looks.AJ: -frowns- you're right..---Guy:...what are you doing in my car?!AJ:I was just uh..Guy: get outta my car! It's a valuble car!'s really niceGuy: you put 200 miles on my car!AJ: 2nd gear sticks a bit..Guy: you got it into 2nd gear?AJ: yeahGuy: how'd you do that?


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me being reallly funny

Only Summer Love? Chap.19

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Tags: 19  chapter  Joe  Jonas  Kevin  Love?  Nick  Only  series  Summer  web 

Later that nightIt was after the guys concert. Everyone had just got back to the bus excepte Joe and Demi who were talking backstage*On the bus*Brooke: CrapDani: What?Brooke: I forgot my purse backstage!Kevin: Well you could go get itBrooke: Ugh now I have to see Joe and DemiNick: Jealous muchShe shot him the death glare.Anne: Do you want me to get it for you?Brooke: Really! Thank you!Anne: MhmmShe walked out of the bus and backstage, she saw Brookes purse and grabbed it. She was about to leave when she heard Joe and Demi. She decided to find out what they were talking about.Demi: Joe, how long are we gonna do this?Joe: Do what?Demi: You know what Joe. Pretend to go out just to get Brooke jealous, I don't even know why I went through with thisJoe: Because your the bestest friend ever, and I don't know. Til she forgives me?Demi: You really think shes gonna forgive you because were "dating"Joe: I don't know, if she doesn't soon I'll just say we broke upDemi: Okay well I got to go so I'll see you tomarrowJoe: Okay, bye DemiAnne quickly ran back to the bus before Joe could see herKevin: Jeez what took you so longAnne: Um, I was thirsty and got some waterDani: Okay?Anne: Here you go BrookeBrooke: ThanksJust then Joe walked inJoe: Sup peopleNick: Thought you were doing somthing with DemiJoe: Huh? Oh! Right well she didn't feel good and she needs her rest for the tourDani: OhAnne: Hey Kevin can I talk to youKevin: SureThey walked off to the back of the busAnne: Okay well I didn't take long because I was getting waterKevin: [sarcastic] Noooo really?Anne: Ugh. Anyway, I heard Joe and Demi talkingKevin: Spying I seeAnne: Fine, if you don't want to hear the newsShe started to walk but Kevin grabbed her arm and turned her aroundKevin: News you say?Anne: MhmmKevin: Well then, do tellAnne: Okay get this, Joe isn't really dating DemiKevin: What?Anne: Yeah, their just pretending to get Brooke jealousKevin: No way!Anne: Yeah, now I have this, problemKevin: Problem?Anne: Yeah, I mean, I wanna tell Brooke, but somthing tells me I shouldn'tKevin: Well, we could casually bring it up with everyoneAnne: AlrightThey walk out and sit down with everyone starring at themKevin: What?Nick: Whatcha talk about?Anne: Oh enough about us, how about JoeJoe: What about me?Kevin: What did you and Demi do while backstage?Joe: TalkedAnne: About?Joe: StuffNick: What kind of stuff?Joe: NothingAnne: Oh I think its somthing JoeJoe: Where are you going with this?Kevin: I think you know exactly what shes going with thisJoe: You wouldn'tAnne: Oh I would, now shall I have the honors, or would you like to tell everyone?Joe: Uh, I have no idea what your talking aboutKevin: Come on Joe, we know your not dating DemiJoe: Shutup Kevin!Kevin: NahNick: Wait your not dating Demi?Joe: Eh, uh, noDani: Why did you tell us you were?Anne: Yes Joe, why?Joe: I WAS TRYING TO MAKE BROOKE JEALOUS OKAY!With that he stormed to the back of the busFor a reason even unknown to herself, Brooke ran to the back of the bus to find Joe in tearsJoe: Oh its youBrooke: Joe, why? Why did you want to make me jealous?Joe: I don't know, so you would somehow forgive me and we could get back togetherBrooke: Do you really care that muchHe sighed and nodded.She sat down next to him and pulled him into a hug.Joe: [smiling] What was that for?Brooke: No guy has ever cared about me that much, I didn't think it was possibleJoe: Brooke, I'm so sorryBrooke: [taking his hand] I knowJoe: So are we, back together?Brooke: [smiling] Only if you want to beJoe: Are you seriously asking me that question, of course I doBrooke: Then its officalHe smiled and leaned in giving her a soft kiss.They walked back out to everyone arm in armDani: Hey..AH! YOUR BACK TOGETHER! YAY!Brooke: DaniDani: Yeah?Brooke: ShutupDani: UghEveryone laughed and went to sleep after they dropped the girls back at home.*The next morning*Joe: Ah, TVHe flipped to through the channels til he decided to watch E! news.E!: Just in! Joe Jonas, heartless and dating, again?Joe: WHAT!E!: This video sent into us proves just how mean Joe Jonas really isIt showed the video of Joe yelling at Brooke the day they were coming home from Marissa's.Joe: Who would do this...*With that mystery person*They were also watching E! news.???: Haha???: Whats so funny Aj?Aj: [Turning the channel] Oh, oh nothing AlyAly: Okay did you hear about Joe?Aj: Yeah, I didAly: Weird huhAj: [smiling evily] Yeah, weird

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