Ariel and Mariya on the run

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Tags: ariel  burough  cars  chocolate  dog  drugs  funny  glazed  langhorne  lobster  mariya  random  road  squirrel  trip 

A continuation of the adventures of Ariel and Mariya. Very random, very funny, very retarded....WATCH IT

iStupid (a i carly spoof) episode 2

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Tags: adler  ariel  awsom  berdugo  carly  comedy  elan  episode  funny  icarly  istupid  spoof  stupid 

icarly spoof

Walking and Waving :)

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Tags: ariel  boy  Drive  driver  fun  funny  hamby  it's  jen  jennifer  jenny  johnny  laugh  sing  song  tipton  walk  wave 

Here, we are walking and waving. And one rude driver does the unthinkable!

The Mikey and Ariel Show!

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Tags: ariel  mikey  now  out  show  the  themikeyandarielshow 

Hey guys it's our first ever youtube video :D subcribe and tell your friends we love supporters thanks.:)!I look sunburnt and she look's tan.!We both look like crap:(

V.A Document.

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Tags: ariel  corina  fun  funny  juice  running  virginia 

me and my cuzin ariel,4, are runing around her house to get rid of the boredom that got to us that wensday night. -corina

Episoide 1

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Tags: forever  love  OneTrueMedia  show 

WRITTEN BY CASSIEBUG101~Episoide 1~ Cast are listed on the home page STEPHANIE-Hey Ariel Did u hear about the latest gossip the pops have been doing Ariel-Yea who exactly were they talking about Stephanie-Ariel who do u think they were talking about Ariel-UsStephanie-Yes they were they were talking about us Ariel-I mean how can they be so mean like that??Stephanie-Dont ask me girl dont ask me lol Ariel-Oh look steph they are coming right now act coolStephanie-Oh Stop we are already cool RightAriel-Right in our own way Pops come walking up Susie ,EllieCarrieSusie-Well if it isnt the geeksAriel-Excuse me Ellie-Yea u heard SusieStephanie-Hey Jake -Leave them alone no one talks to them like thatCarrie-Omg pinch me or not he is kinda cute Susie-Carrie hush he isnt on are side he is on there sideStephanie-yea he is and there is nothing u can do about it right jake and Ariel ?Ariel and Jake-Yea right on Ellie-Whatever oh and btw i got tickets for the Jonas Brothers concert here in town and its for charity Ariel-Oh yea my brother was getting me some so me and my friends could go ~Stephanie-Really Ariel-Yea i forgot to tell u Susie-Oh watever right after we said we were going Carrie-Yea Ellie-Hey they are my tickets Ariel-Well we are getting them for a good cost for charity Ellie-Well we are going just to go see themStephanie-See u dont even care about charityCarrie-Uhh no Stephanie-Well u should do they Christian thingJake-0h by the way am i really going to a JO-BRO COncertAriel-YesSusie-Oh it looks like Jakey dont want to go so just leave him alone Ariel-Well to bad because he is going Jake-When is it ?Ariel-in a week why ?Jake -Im going out of town sorry ?Ellie-oh well who are u going to ask ~ Mandy the rich girl Ariel-She probably already has ticketsStephanie-Well lets still go ask her thats if u want to Ariel-Ok since Jake dont want to ARIEL -MANDY COME HERE The Pops=WE ARE OUT OF HERE ,BYE BYE LOSERS Stephanie-By LAMOES The pops -Uhh so not funnyAriel-So Mandy want to come to the Jonas Brothers concert for chairity in town Mandy -Oh thanks but im already going since ya know im rich and all Ariel-Oh ok bye Mandy-Oh but u can ask talkative girl over thereStephanie-Who is that?Mandy -oh thats her nickname her name is Leseley since she talks so much she might want to go Stephanie-Well what do u think Ariel want to take her ?Ariel-I dont care Mandy-but be aware she talks way to much i had her over the other night and she would not shut up about my moms famous pot pie Ariel-Omg are you serious ??Mandy-Yep ,well i got to go shopping offcourse bye Stephanie-Bye ,Ariel-ByeMandy-Oh wait let me get talkative girl Mandy-Oh Leseley ,talkative girl Leseley-Oh hey Mandy whats up ?Mandy-THEY need u byeLeseley-Hey Stephanie ,and Ariel .whats upAriel-Well since our friend Jake could not go to to the Jonas Brothers Concert herE in Town for chairity want to come we have an extra ticket??Leseley-Omg reallyStephanie-Yep what she said lol Leseley-omg here is my number call me for more info oh and thanks so much Ariel-sure no problem lesley -bye Stephanie-So looks like u dont have to waste that extra ticket after allAriel-Well i guess notStephanie-yea where did Jake go Ariel-Idk Stephanie-Oh well want to go get a smoothie at the new smoothie shop ?Ariel-sure lets go EPOSOIDE 1 COMMENT AND ALL THANKS FOR WATCHING SUB TO IF U WANT

Me Singing Semi-Charmed Life

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Tags: acting  Ariel  Charmed  funny  life  Semi  singing  weird 

I didn't originally intend to put this up but its funny to me.

clique girlz clique love story chapter 6

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Tags: chapter  clique  girlz  love  ytory 

chapter 6-ok instead of me,i,or,moi i will put destineee now k!--on the tour bus-destinee: wow this si amazingariel: ya!paris: ok 1 of all you worte a song and we wanted JB to be the 1st ones to hear it!destinee: + it's kinda for you guys for helping us get this far!nick: lets hear it!joe: ya!-destinee plays the guitaur and they all start singing-at this monment nick relizes destinee is the girl for him!-destinee:How can it be, we're with you now You've made our dreams come true. You've helped us put us here For that we are so sinciereBy the love that we'll have, sent for you That moment we came on stage Some how we always knew, That we've been waiting for you. clique girlz:(Chorus) Tell me why, does it feel so incredible Where the light, shine on me, it's so beautiful We've been searching for all of our lives For the love that you are, flow byAnd you're all that we need, you're incredible You're incrediblenick: wow amazing!destinee: we worte to show we want to thank you for helping us get famous!joe: no problem!paris: now we shall watch a movie!!!!!ariel: like?paris: over her dead body!-funny movie!-destinee: OMG! the movie is so funny!ariel:ya!kevin: over her dead body it is!-next day--they wake up in the next city ready to do a concert-nick: hey des can i talk to you for a sec?destinee: surenick: ok so i don't know if you like me or anything but, will you go out with me?destinee: OMG!nick: if u don't want to that's ok!destinee: nick i do like you! and yes i will go out with you!nick: great!speaker: clique girlz in 5o secondsdestinee: gtgnick: hav fun!-with JB-joe: nick what are you smileing about?nick: nothing it's just.........joe: just?nick: me and destinee are now going out and i think i really like her...joe: well then it's a good thing you asked her out now lets go on stage!nick: ok!-before the jonas brothers go on the hear clique girlz playing the song they worte for them(Incredible)-nick: wow-happy 14th brithday destinee!-

Miss Fiona

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Tags: ariel  betta  cute  fish  funny  mermaid  red  sea 

Miss Fiona in her YouTube debut!


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Tags: ariel  cars  funny  monsters  random  shayla 

I dono, we were so high on monsters it was so not funny


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Tags: !!!  brothers  ep.6  inseperable  joe  jonas  kevin  nick  OneTrueMedia 

RECAPS WHOO HOO!:ok well joe & nicole r together so r ariel & nick and kevin & mikky. the jobros droped off the girls at ariels house. now nicole, mikky,and ariel r talking about their day. LETS WATCH MORE! (im a little hyper today LOL :O)ariel: I HAD THE BEST DAY EVER!!!!!nicole & mikky:so did iariel:hey nicole what was up with u and joe?nicole:uhh nothing...*smiles*BUT IM GOING OUT WITH THE NICEST AND CUITES JONAS EVER! HE IS ALSO VERY FUNNYariel:NICK!?!mikky:NO IT JOE U IDIOT!airel:such harsh words! GOSHmikky:*playing along* aww im sorry *they hug* ok much better (A.N ok well that is sorta stupid)ariel:OMG GUESS WHAT!!nicole & mikky:ohh what is it!ariel:well all my dreams came true!nicole:U WENT 2 DISNEYLAND? IS THE PLACE WHERE ALL UR DREAMS COME TRUE!ariel:I MEAN IM GOING OUT WITH NICK JONAS HA HA HA HA!!mikky:ya well im going out with KEVIN! HA HA HA HA HAAAnicole:wow!mikky:wow what?nicole:UHH tired...i going 2 bedmikky:ya me 2 (they all go 2 bed) *THE NEXT DAY NICOLE & MIKKY WAKE UP BEFORE ARIEL SO THEY GO INTO THE LIVINGROOM TO WATCH DORA THE EXPLORA* (A.N lol :))nicole: i luv the show dora the exploramikky:so do i but i think go dego go is better (A.N i dont watch those shows a lot... OR DO I!?! DUN DUN DUNNNNN ohh scary) *just then the doorbell rings*doorbell:ding dong *nicole & mikky go to the door and awnser it*nicole:ohh hey JOE!!!!joe:heymikky:*hugs him*KEVIN i missed u so muchkevin:its only been a half a daymikky:oh i knew thatnicole: OH HEY NICK!! uhh ariel is still sleepingmikky:ya nick:ok! ill go wake her up *nick goes inside and goes 2 ariels room*joe:hey uhh can we come cold and hungrykevin:ya me 2 just im not hungry thoughnicole & mikky: oh ya srry *they go inside*joe:*sees the tv*OHH DORA THE EXPLORA! LOVE THAT SHOWnicole:ha see!mikky:well i thing go dego go is betterkeivn:ya it isnicole:oh really?kevin:yajoe:r u suremikky:positive!!*with nick in ariels room trying to wake up ariel*nick:*pokes ariel* ariel...wakey wakey *pokes her again* ariel...ariel...Ariel...ARIEL WAKE UPariel:6 minutes more plz (a.n ha ha ha get it 6 minutes LOL)nick:ohh come on get upariel:nonick:yes ariel:nonick:YES ariel:NOOOnick:yes or else ill...ill...uhhh have frankie draw on all ur postersariel:nonick:ill call him.ariel:uhh...ok fine *wakes up and sees nick* oh nick...hinick:hey *kisses her*ariel:uhh this is wierdnick:*confused*uhh why?ariel:cuz u r in my room and i had the same dream as whats happening wright now!nick*confused*uhh ok? *kisses her**downstares in the livingroom*joe:what is taking them so longnicole,mikky,kevin:idkjoe:*yells*NICK! WHATS TAKING SO LONGnick:*yelling from upstares*UHH NOTHING *a few minutes later nick and ariel come back down finally*nicole:hey guys ur backariel*laughs*ha yamikky:ok so what r we gunna do today?kevin:uhh its a surprise_________________CLIFFHANGERS:OK WELL WHERE R THEY GOING? R THEY GUNNA HAVE FUN? WHY AM I SMELLING FOOD? WHERE IS MILEY? WHY DO PEOPLE HAVE 2 GO 2 SCHOOL? WHY WAS THAT SO RANDOM?WHEN WILL I STOP ASKING QUESTIONS?WHO KNOWS? DUN DUN DUNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN


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Tags: cars  funny  halloween  jump  mask  scary  weird 

omg this is so funnyariel is jumping at cars with her mask

WDW October 2007

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Tags: Ariel  Dancing  Disney  Funny  Germany  Halloween  King  Lion  Little  Mermaid  October  Princess  Silly  Simba  Stroller  Walking 

Trip to Walt Disney World in October of 2007.

skool 25 bugin out pt 2 gangster crap

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Tags: cool  funny 

funny ariel juan alladdin

Belltown Pageant 2008: Contestants

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Tags: ABC's  Ariel  Basom  Belltown  Funny  Humor  JewelBox  Theater 

Contestants for the Belltown Pageant 2008: Hosted by Anita GoodmannRendezvous JewelBox TheaterBooking: Ariel Basom

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