Jonas Soap chapter 22(in the description box)

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Chapter 22Carlos- Dad I finally got you.Antonio- What is it son you know I am busy.Carlos-Dad it is important, do not go.Antonio- What.Carlos- Aaliyah is in the hospital.Antonio-How did she end up there.Carlos- Elevator dropped.Antonio-How is she.Carlos- She is going to be fine, but she can do anything for a week.Antonio- That's going to kill her.Carlos- Yea.Antonio- Let me talk to your sister.Carlos- Alright.In the hospital roomAaliyah- So this was all an act your pathetic. Just go.**Aaliyah got off her bed**Joe-Aaliyah you do not understand.**Joe got off Aaliyah's bed.**Aaliyah-Understand what your liar.Joe- Aaliyah I like you.Aaliyah-You do not know me, you know nothing about me.Joe-That is not true.Aaliyah- What is my favorite color.Joe-Ah blue.Aaliyah- No Joe that is yours. What my favorite season.Joe-Summer.Aaliyah-No. See you Joe you know barley anything about me. Just leave, you will not miss me, you do not know me enough to miss me.Joe-Aaliyah, I will.Aaliyah- Then forget about me, pretend you never met me, pretend I do not exist.. Farwell Joe Jonas, it was nice to meet you. **Aaliyah kissed his cheek and went back on her bed, Joe just stood in silence.**Nick- Come on Joe.**Joe looked at Aaliyah, she was watching T.V. not paying attention to him, Joe left the room and Nick followed, Aaliyah looked at the door when it closed and tear fell form her eye.**Nick-What did you tell her.Joe- I do not want to talk about it.Carlos- is she in there **Joe walked past him**Nick-Yea she is there.(stopped)Carlos- Did not turn out to good.Nick- No.Carlos- To bad.Nick- Yea you seemed cool.Carlos- Call me if your ever close. I will show the city from someone who actually lives here.Nick-We will, Kevin has your number.Carlos- Cool, bye.Nick- It was nice to meet you.Carlos-You to.Joe-Come on Nick.** They walked in there separate directions**Nick-Just cause you lost here does that give you right to be a jerk.Kevin-He lost her.Nick-Yep.Kevin-Lets go.With CarlosCarlos- Here, Lee.Aaliyah-(lest a space for pause)Hi dad. I am fine. No really I am. No need for anybody to come home early.Okay. Bye. I love you to.End of conversation.Carlos- Do you want to talk about it.Aaliyah- No.Carlos- Are you sure.Aaliyah- It would of never worked at anyways.Carlos-Aaliyah Aaliyah- It's better off this way, he can have is career and I can have mine.Carlos- Okay if that's how you want it.Aaliyah- That's how I want it.Carlos-Well Aright, I going home, here is 50 bucks just in case you want anything.Aaliyah-I need 50.Carlos-I can not come back until tomorrow night.Aaliyah-Oh.Carlos- Ann, Liz, Sydney, Rob, Ally and Nikki.Aaliyah- Nikki and Ally in the same room.Carlos- I told them different times.Aaliyah-Well hopefully, they will .Carlos-Bye sis.(He kissed her on the cheek)Aaliyah-Bye.Carlos-Oh and here(Give her pajamas )Aaliyah-Thank you.Carlos-Anything for you.**He walks out and Aaliyah turns on the T.V and her mom is on., then feel asleep watching her**Jonas on their private plane.Nick-Lets watch T.VKevin- Lets..**Turns on T.V**Nick-Hey its Aaliyah mom, Judge Margarita.Kevin- I love this show.Joe-Umm I don't .Kevin- You just do not like because Aaliyah is mad at you.Nick- We are watching it.Joe- No we are not.Kevin- Two against one we overrule you.Joe- Whatever.** Start watching even Joe. The case was an girls sewing her ex boyfriend. He stole and crashed her car. He is sewing her for the necklace he got her. The show.**Judge Margarita- You cheated on her, you stole her car, then you crashed. And now you want this cheap necklace that you probably got for free when you bought 30 cans of hair grease. You aren't no greaser sweetie wake up we are in 2010 not 1969. Pay the girl 3,000 dollars that's all.Kevin- Damn that woman's hardcore, man Aaliyah and Carlos must had a hard growing up with her.Nick-I know really, its kind of funny Aaliyah looks like a mini her.Kevin- No they do not she looks like both her parents.Nick- I think looks like her mother.Kevin- Both Nick.Joe- Who cares .Kevin- Joe you know its your fault for lying.** Joe gave Kevin a look then went in anther room**Joe-Why, why, why. Did I lie. **He fell on his bed**Joe-(crying voice)How can I forget about her, I close my eyes and I see her. All I hear is her voice in mind telling me to leave. **Joe eventually feel asleep and woke up in California.**


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