One Less Worry - Distractions

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Entry for Access Group's One Less Worry ContestA law student attempts to finish his appellate brief.*SPOILER ALERT*He does.A film done entirely by Marc Dombrowski (with the aid of the following people in the following positions)Written by:Marc DombrowskiShaun MurphyNick LiminaDirected by:Nick LiminaStarring:Marc DombrowskiKevin CarlinDan RiceBrian BradyAlyssa RizzoJoe ConsiglioPaul CampanaFog Machine Operation Manager :Bob NeumannFog Wafter:Kevin CarlinMighty Taco picker-upper:Kevin CarlinSpecial Thanks to:Mr and Mrs CampagnaMr and Mrs McCarthy Paul's roomates

jonny depp and angelina jolie affair

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funny access hollywood spoof

May-June 2008 Access SCC Bloopers

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Hilarious bloopers show the inner workings of Access SCC and the scenes behind the scenes.

1984 going on the stage

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Funny access to the stage

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