im tired again

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are you ever tired?

oh the bus stop

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I think hanging out at bus stops is fun

Im Broke

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Are You Broke as I am? I dont like being broke.. these days are hard. But thats ok that is what sleep is for..

Advice via Youtube Part 1 of 3

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  • Author: AnimeIsChigglesChan

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Hope you like! ppl say I give good advice. To chack out more of my advice go to my channel. I post advice daily

Re: Jack & Coke Lady Intro! Show #1

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Miss Long Island

2 Hot Girls in the Shower - Help Us

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Tags: advice  answer  comedy  cute  funny  girl  humor  improv  parody  questions  series  sketch do us a solid and view the newest 2 Hot Girls video at While you're there, register for a FREE account and vote for us in the "Acting" category. We are trying to win $10,000 so we can build a 2 Hot Girls website to bring you daily written Q & A and more videos! Thanks for being a fan of 2 Hot Girls. We really love doing the show and want to expand our stoopit/smart brand! Sincerely, Kim and Julie

How Far Will Happy Go?

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Let's see "How Far Happy Will Go?

Advice 4 You

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  • Author: shawty4rm530

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Jus giving you advice on how not to say "Yes" to a crazy person who comes up to you and starts talking to you about shit u have no clue about...ok

self esteem action positive feel good focus yourself

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Tags: advice  esteem  funny  higher  love  low  self  worth Nicholas Finnegan sunk down to a really low point in his life and eventually reached a stage of considering suicide. Upon reaching this point, he realized that life itself is the most important thing in the world to him and now cherish's it more than anything!He has overcome massive emotional struggles, and continues to develop his own life for the better.And through inspiration - decided to set out and share the amazing discoveries he has learnt to benefit us all.If Nicholas is not learning something new to improve his life changing skills. He is putting in the time and energy to experience something new for the positive benefits of sharing with others.He is an author and a practictioner of a variety of thearepy's including NLP, Hypnosis, Coaching, Symbology and Story Telling.Nicholas is repeatedly pushing the limits to learn more, to give more back, and is a dedicated life time learner in understanding how to create what is needed within us to succeed.He has recently released Higher Self-Esteem and More... which is a very powerful approach towards personal development...Happy self esteem building :-) Dont forget to check out my free articles at:

We Caitlin and Taylor Show #1

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a talk show w/ caitlin and taylor

Runescape Bank Video with Commentary

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I know the bank sucks, but I don't care lol, I had fun making it and I hope you had fun watching it ^^

Hot Teen Has Hissy Fit

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Bad video:P to random but it's close to how I act offline^^

Two hot lesbians kissing

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You may see two hot and sexy lesbians kissing. If you want to see more, you maycheck

Teen Hotline the sequel

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  • Author: Riboflavin215

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We're back with more successful advice!

some fuuny/good advice

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  • Author: drumergirl13

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funny advice

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