The Smtwtfs: The Man in Question

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Dated joke about a certain celebrity to be honest, but stars sockpuppet so not too bad.

Funny Aflac adz

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  • Author: psychomike420

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came across these,and thought I'd share These Funny Aflac Adz With That Crazy Ass..Duck! they aired 2000-2003

Gilbert Gottfried messes with our donuts!

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Tags: aflac  comedian  daytime  donut  doughnut  duck  edwards  funny  gilbert  gottfried  nemeth  stand-up 

Actor/Comedian Gilbert Gottfried appears on a talk show and man-handles the hosts' donuts on the air. These donuts are now available for bidding on the big online auction re-seller. Seriously, they really are...donuts are what it's all aboot.

Chevy Chase AFLAC Commercial

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  • Author: gdunks08

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This is a pretty funny AFLAC commercial starring Chevy Chase. This is from 2003.

Funny Aflac Commercial

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  • Author: funnydude056

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This funny thing me and my friend drinklotsofcoffee did

White Boy Can't Dance (The Dancing Duck)

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  • Author: Pika1979

Tags: aflac  boy  dancing  duck  funny  gunther  naughty  random  sexy  topless 

Oh the random moments while waiting for pizza! This is a friend of mine. We call him Aflac! E-mail him at He is single and is open to chat! :) (Both boys and girls!) Still a good laugh anyway you want to look at it!

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