Theory is None to Fall Update - Deidre Goes To Rehab

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  • Author: theoryisnonetofall

Tags: Deidre  fall  Felicia  Geib  is  Jeremy  Leech  none  Ricky  theory  TINTF  to 

This is supposed to be funny.After six months (when we made this video) Deidre is doing much better with her addiction. Please leave encouraging words for her.

"Lovercall" Danko Jones live in Wacken 2006

  • Length: 4:1
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  • Author: Icedguardian81

Tags: 2006  Danko  Germany  Hard  Jones  Live  Lovercall  Metal  Musica  Rock  Wacken 

A funny song of Danko Jones and also a funny after-song....Let's Danko talk!

Crazy Uka Boy

  • Length: 0:21
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  • Author: creativethinker121

Tags: after  Funny  school  Uka  Uke  Ukelele 

What happend during the last week of School

Jesus parody

  • Length: 1:11
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  • Author: dfrederiksendk

Tags: parody 

try it! its really funny! after u have seen it, show it 2 youre parent :-)

Strange Baby Boy

  • Length: 1:20
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  • Author: Vi3tBanANNa

Tags: Asian  Baby  Bad  Bored  Cousin  Flip  Funny  Girl  Laughing  Nephew  Screaming  Slap  Slapping  Strange  Viet  Yu-Gay-Ho  Yu-Gi-Oh 

My cousin and I were messing with her nephew 'cause we were bored. We flipped him on accident. But it was funny after he ran out of the room. I wish I caught it. ]:

I Kissed a Broom- I Liked It

  • Length: 3:7
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  • Views: 3
  • Author: CEProductionss

Tags: Broom  Charlie  Eric  Girl  It  Jamie  Kissed  Liked 

A funny remake video of I kissed a girl. It's really funny after the first 20seconds.

Naruto Chat Room 2 part 1

  • Length: 7:58
  • Rating: 5.00 (4 ratings)
  • Views: 66
  • Author: PRBreezer1

Tags: Chat  cool  funny  Naruto  Room 

Yay! Its here! Naruto chat room 2 part 1 plz plz plz watch till the end end extremly funny, after credits plz watch!

Lightsabers are NOT Toys

  • Length: 1:25
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  • Author: JomezProductions

Tags: accident  after  effects  funny  lightsaber 

An old video of us playin with a lightsaber


  • Length: 1:2
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  • Views: 37
  • Author: Okibudz

Tags: and  kelsey  lexii 

sso funny after the last day of skool us and micheal

after lunch through the halls of Nobel

  • Length: 0:9
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  • Views: 19
  • Author: NobelDiarys

Tags: after  funny  lunch 


Pokemon re-dub freakin hilarious part 1 *TV 14*

  • Length: 9:29
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  • Views: 27
  • Author: Vyse159

Tags: 14  4kids  freakin  funny  hilarious  nintendo  part  Pokemon  rappy0  re-dub  TV 

it starts out really boring but trust me it gets funny after a littlebit again not for kids. rate and comment

Twisted Face

  • Length: 0:31
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  • Views: 8
  • Author: yaronoooo

Tags: after  animation  distorted  distortion  effects  face  funny  shit  suprise  twisted  wicked 

Me playing around with my face..and After Effects ;)

Ain't Cowboy'n Fun!?

  • Length: 1:4
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  • Views: 16
  • Author: alex13johnson

Tags: America's  are  asses  Cowboys  fall  Funniest  funny  Home  in  on  public  their  they  Videos  when 

I know like a hundred other people have uploaded this same fucking video but, it's fucking funny! After you watch the video, come check out my account and subscribe and be my friend!

the ice smash aftermath

  • Length: 0:14
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  • Views: 16
  • Author: Cactus0225

Tags: after  funny  great  head  ice  improv  math  not  of  on  or  smash  the 

what i said after i hit myself with the face.(watch the first one and you'll get this-ice smashing on head-Cactus0225)

stone-cold poems (i'm so sorry)

  • Length: 0:45
  • Rating: 5.00 (16 ratings)
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  • Author: Barklord

Tags: after  are  divorce  funny  poems  time 

I uploaded this once already today and realised that I had recited it incorrectly. :/i'm so sorry for the stone-cold poems thrown through your windowsharding sharp scarsin your thin, smooth, glassy-eyed heartleaving only a lonely holein paneadmit it, thoughthat just as i was the stone you dropped again and again andagainthat finally went to piecesthese were all i had left to gather back and throw-Jim Winter(2005)

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