Cristiano Ronaldo - How far we've come

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  • Author: ajaxhuntelaar9

Tags: ajax  beckham  best  compilation  fernando  funny  goal  hot  huntelaar  interiew  kaka  liverpool  love  messi  player  skill  torres 

Video about manchester united player cristiano ronaldo. His Goals skills and celebrations i hope you like it!

Re: Proactive - Mary Ho Lifechanging Experience

  • Length: 4:4
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  • Author: TheRagingBeaverCo

Tags: ajax  bleach  cleanse  comedy  eyes  film  funny  home  javex  mdsguy  remedies  short  sketch  TheRagingBeaverCo 

VIDEO RESPONSE. KIDS, DO NOT DO THIS AT HOME!!! Wacky Fearless Asian guy, I felt so bad having erased the other video response that I figured I'd make another one. Just me being insane, hehehe.


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  • Author: tafelstraat

Tags: ajax  anál  barcelona  funny  fácial  goals  hilarious  madrid  real  teeen 

teeen anál fácial goals hilarious funny ajax real madrid barcelona

fairplay soccer ajax

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  • Author: misterxd2

Tags: agressive  ajax  fairplay  football  funny  socccer 

football socccer fairplay agressive funny ajax

Snow Day

  • Length: 4:24
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  • Author: fattynative101

Tags: ajax  bike  canada  day  funny  hannah  kyle  lil  montana  ontario  snow  stupid  toronto  wayne  will 

Will and Kyle being stupid.

Lionman versus Ajax!!!

  • Length: 1:47
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  • Author: FenrirXaraqil

Tags: Ajax  Crazy  Duel  Funny 

This is a video me and another 7th grader made for an ad project for Language Arts. The background music is another person drumming and my sister randomly singing tunes.

funny ajax supporter, in amsterdam

  • Length: 1:7
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  • Author: unknown030

Tags: ajax  amsterdam  crazy  fight  funny  gek  haha  jood  lachen  lomperd  lul  mongool  schreeuwen  stumperd  sukkel  voor 

HAHAHA, errrugg grappig hoe deze man zich zelf voor lul zet. Hij zet zichzelf en ze club even goed voor lul, wat een MONGOOL!!

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