TBF Skit 2

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Hey! Welcome to the second skit brought to you by The Boredom Files! Enjoy!Encase you can't understand what we're saying, I've provided a rough draft of what we were saying below.Blue - I'm bored...lets do something.Aki - Like what? I've got nothing....Blue - I dunno...I think God hates us..He never gives us anything to do.Misa(GOD) - I'm a she thank you very much!Blue - What...the hell...was that...Aki - I think...it was God..Misa(GOD) - Well it ain't Santa Claus.Blue - What do you want from us?Misa(GOD) - You said I never give you anything to do, so I'm going to fulfill your wish.Blue - But...it wasn't a wish.Misa(GOD) - Quiet! I have spoken!Aki - Ok, so what is that we're going to do?Misa(GOD) - You...are going to sing and dance!Blue and Aki - Say what?!Misa(GOD) - Do not argue with the almighty God! Sing my pretties, sing!Blue - Whoa whoa wait! Come on now, there aren't even any guys here! And why do I have to be the male?!Misa(GOD) - Hush you! Keep singing!Aki - Ah! Rape!Misa(GOD) - Ha! You speak! Now you must suffer!Blue - Oh I am so tired of this...Misa(GOD) - No one cares! Keep singing!Blue - Ok I gotta admit, that was pretty funny.Aki - Shut up! - Hey, that one was fun!Misa(GOD) - Yeah, didn't know I could sing did ya?Blue - Whoa, hey now, what?! I'm gonna put what where?!Misa(GOD) - Quiet! Onto the duets!Blue - Wtf?! You can't expect us to sing a random medley of songs like that!Misa(GOD) - I can do anything, I am almighty.Blue - Stuck up bitch...Aki - Oh snap..Misa(GOD) - Alright, just for that, you have to sing this next one! - Now for more duets!Blue - Haha, that last one was great.Aki - Yeah, this is kinda fun, whats next? - Ok, not fun anymore..Misa(GOD) - Punishment!Blue - That wasn't..so bad.Misa(GOD) - Your turn!Blue - I hate you...Misa(GOD) - We'll see about that.Aki - Haha, nice song.Misa(GOD) - Now now, karma can be quiet a bitch. - Now all together!Blue and Aki - Wait, what?!

Final Fantasy Screw That Life Form Recut and Remixed

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Final Fantasy Screw That Life Form Recut and Remixed.Aki is looking for a life form, the captain is pissed at her and a marine blows the life form to hell including everything else...

Henry Lip Singing

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Lol.Anchorman ftw!! XD

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