funny kid falls through chair

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al goes to sit on chair not knowing it has been setup to break


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beat box

Miley Cyrus Naked :O! New Pictures!

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Tags: 'n  al  and  cyrus  dirty  funny  miley  music  n'  naked  nerdy  nude  ridin'  riding  stupid  teen  video  weird  white  xxx  yanchovic 


White N' Nerdy Preview

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Tags: 'n  al  and  cyrus  dirty  funny  miley  music  n'  naked  nerdy  nude  ridin'  riding  stupid  teen  video  weird  white  xxx  yanchovic 

Website: http://www.slambody.comFacebook: Contact@slambody.comP Website: http://www.slambody.comFacebook: Contact@slambody.comPowered By: http://govirtua.com_____________________________________

No Such Thing By John Mayer (Cover)

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Tags: acoustic  al  band  blues  boobies  clapton  electric  for  funny  groove  hendrix  hip  hop  iphone  john  mayer  music  no  pachino  rock  room  sexy  shred  squares  SRV  such  thing  trio 

This is a cover of John Mayer's "No Such Thing" from his first hit album "Room for Squares". I am using my Epiphone Masterbuilt through an M-Audio Fast Track Pro. I would love both positive and/or negative feedback to help me get better.Thanks for watching!PLEASE SUBSCRIBE!My Music Channel:

Bunny Chase w/ Tiff-n-Mo

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Tags: al  bunny  chasers  funny  gore  Tiff-n-mo 

Funny as HellStarring Tiffany, Monica, and Bun Bun

Funny Al Pacino.

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Al Pacino na wesoło ;-).

Alex chin Face

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Tags: al  alex  audacity  boobs  chin  chocolate  face  faggot  fart  funny  haha  lol  pee  retarded  weird 

READ BEFORE YOU WATCH!!!Okay my Voice Was like that becauseI made it that way with AudacityI thought it sounded funnier ThenMy boring voice.NO IM NOT A GIRLSo i Don't wanna see comments saying:omg you sound gay, omg you sound like a girl.If you do...I will Delete them and Block you :)

Al Franken Asian Prostitute Joke

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Tags: Al  Asian  Elvis  Franken  Hannity  JV  Racism  Racist 

Al Franken makes fun of Asian people and nothing happens, but JV & Elvis do it and they get kicked off the air. At least JV & Elvis were funny, Al Franken is as unfunny as it gets.

Voice-over Auditions! {CLOSED}

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Tags: and  animation  art  audition  deception  desire  drama  high  lies  nightlife  pets  school  seasons  sims  university 

So You saw the video?Great!Here are the characters, some information about them, and the audition lines. You can audition for as many characters as you like.Send the voice audition to Characters:Stephanie "Steph": **TAKEN**Dating Nick since Eighth Grade. She's rich and funny.AL:-It's six, the party is at seven.-Kelly, can you help me with the dress?-Don't worry about me. I've got Nick.-Where the hell is he?Kelly: **TAKEN**She is dating Marc and loves him truly. She is very giddy and treasures her friends and relationships.AL:-I haven't seen Marc for days. I'm so excited for this!- I got to go, I'll talk to you later. (panicking)-you have a choice.-You messed with the wrong chick. (angry)Carly: **TAKEN**She is very practical and little bit pessimist.AL:-I haven't seen anyone for days. (emphasize anyone)-I don't know. I want to go talk to Danny, I'll see you later. -It's kind of boring.Danny: **TAKEN**He is very funny but can be serious. He loves his friends.AL:-Can I talk to you in private for a second? -Ok. Listen, I've tried to say this a million times and nothing will stop me now. I love you.-I'm sorry but it's not. The whole school knows and you going back to him makes you his toy. And trust me he will do it again. Marc: **TAKEN**He is dating Kelly. He is very considerate of her feelings and he's never the jerk.AL:-I need to talk to you, it's really important.-I've got some news.-Listen. I know this is hard. And I know that this is not going to help us. ------------------------------------Recurring Characters:These characters have a lot of lines so don't worry!Nick: **TAKEN**He is a jerk and a player but somehow lasted with Steph for three years.AL:-What? I've been waiting for three years and she still hasn't had sex with me!-I'm sorry I was really drunk yesterday.Sam: **TAKEN**He is gay but not the gay stereotypical guy.AL:-I don't know if you're interested in someone like me. I don't even know if you're interested in guys! But I think I'm falling in love with you.-I got closure on how big of an idiot I am.-I guess he can. You don't know how long it took me to build my reputation.(giving up tone)Rachel: **TAKEN**A plain old slut who sleeps around with guys.-I'm so sorry.-Got it babe.If you don't get chosen for these characters, i will try my best for you to be on the show. A lot of characters will come and go. So the chances are never gone!

al quaeda

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Tags: al-quaeda  funny 

Funny al quaeda guy

fireman al

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Tags: film  short 

funny al again

funny Al-Anon phone message

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Tags: al-anon  anonymous  comedy  f.  funny  guy  message  phone  recovery 

Funny al-anon phone message.

arby n chief 7-girls

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lololol this is so funnyal my honors for machinima :3

she's a rebel

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Tags: angel  anime  club  day  death  green  rebel  theseventhchild  to 

im on an uploading spree! still did not make this video but funny al the same

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