daliy report with Alex

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  • Author: laarproductions

Tags: aaron  alex  drink  evil  funny 

Aarons lonely and Alex comes

CALL OF DUTY 4=ALEX (part 1)

  • Length: 1:37
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  • Author: AlexKoleSon

Tags: alex  call  duty  funny  of  sexy 



  • Length: 5:10
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  • Author: aliesto

Tags: alex  animation  film  funny  madagaskar  short  trailer  tutorial 

funny and ending scene

pitbull penetration on 18 year old girl...LOU THE CHAMP

  • Length: 0:31
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  • Author: beabeap123



The Offspring - One Fine Day (Keiran and Alex)

  • Length: 2:48
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  • Views: 85
  • Author: Keikei06

Tags: alex  day  fine  fuller  funny  keiran  offspring  one  payne  the 

This is another music video of me and alex hahaha hope you enjoy ;)xx

santa and sam (santa and sam.3gp)

  • Length: 0:40
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  • Author: kagomefantasy

Tags: Alex  Esme  funny 

omfg well funny!!

funny alex

  • Length: 1:4
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  • Views: 8
  • Author: DemonSheDevil

Tags: alex  face's  funny  making 

just my crazy son being silly and having fun

Alex - Short Open Mike Night

  • Length: 2:26
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  • Views: 21
  • Author: alexorjazger

Tags: Alex  Comedian  Comedy  Comic  Drugs  Funny  Humor  Jazger  Stand-Up 

a bit of Stand up comdey by 'Alex'. Myspace.com/jazger .. This is my 5th open mike night.. its a very short clip, ends rather sudently.. cuz dang battery ran out. figured I should go ahead and post it here anyway.. see what pep think, and its a 'good' two mins.. least me and the people who laughed thought so ;) Try to be civil folks.. if you dont think funny.. someone else might.. k? (once i get editing software, ill recut it to get rid of that sec or two at start.. was showing camera man and girl how to use :p

PHS Construction

  • Length: 4:7
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  • Views: 8
  • Author: constinento

Tags: adam  alex  build  cafeteria  education  funny  gym  hallways  high  parkersburg  phs  project  school  slow  stupid  virginia  west 

Alex and Adam have some fun investigating how good old Parkersburg High School construction is coming along...

evil v.s. good

  • Length: 6:59
  • Rating: 5.00 (1 ratings)
  • Views: 20
  • Author: zcado10

Tags: alex  alexander  badguys  caulin  dylan  evil  fighting  funny  good  goodguys  owen  v.s.  zach  zachary 

guys beating up eachother

Battle For Jamie (Trailer)

  • Length: 4:22
  • Rating: 5.00 (2 ratings)
  • Views: 56' favoriteCount='1
  • Author: Fanglarz

Tags: Battle  For  Jamie 

Battle For Jamie...trailer for a new fanglarz movie coming soon !!!

The Bathroom Attendant (Part 1)

  • Length: 7:53
  • Rating: ( ratings)
  • Views: 37
  • Author: XelaProductions

Tags: Action  Alex  Andrew  Apologize  Apple  Attendant  Bathroom  Distante  Freedman  Funny  Par  Productions  Restroom  Stephen  The  Xela 

Alex needs to use the bathroom when he's out to lunch and finds a bathroom attendant who is a little too helpful.There are two parts in this film the second one will be released July 14th 2008. Make sure you subscribe so you can be notified when the other part comes out.Please enjoy this Xela Production Film.Rate and Leave Comments =]

Extreme Exercise Video

  • Length: 1:32
  • Rating: 5.00 (1 ratings)
  • Views: 11
  • Author: NonAmericanVideos

Tags: Alex  Alexander  exercise  funny  NonAmericanVideos 

The Ultimate Body-Training Program which instantly makes your body in shape!

There's a Crab in Your Hair!

  • Length: 1:20
  • Rating: 5.00 (4 ratings)
  • Views: 23
  • Author: GrantBrownProduction

Tags: alex  brown  crab  disappear  frog  funny  grant  grantbrownproduction  gun  hair  in  is  jimmy  mace  production  shot  there  there's  theres  yetiskul  your 

Grant finds a crab in his hair and he shoots it

toddlerhood trailer

  • Length: 1:10
  • Rating: 1.00 (1 ratings)
  • Views: 20
  • Author: ghostsaccount

Tags: adulthood  alex  becket  cook  funny  guns  kids  kidulthood  part  thomas  toddlers  with 

a trailer for kidulthood/adulthood, with stickman toddlers! lol

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