why arabs throw rocks...(no3) rocket launcher knock-out

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  • Author: northernlights664

Tags: afganistan  american  arab  fail  funny  head  iraq  launcher  lol  phail  rag  recoil  rocket 

this is what happens when you let arabs play with toys made for yanks...

Carlos Mencia stand up comedy very funny

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  • Author: takeit0815

Tags: about  american  anal  and  anderson  bitch  blow  comedian  comedy  david  doggy  drugs  funny  guests  hilton  hocker  hore  its  job  letterman  life  night  oral  orgasm  orgasmus  pamela  paris  pimp  plaza  rock  roll  saturday  sex  show  snl  spezial  stand  style  tonight  up  usa  very  vip  with  woman 


Geoffrey Leonard Remix

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  • Author: AD0LFH1TL3R

Tags: Angry  Australian  Boys  do  Geoffrey  How  it  Leonard  Paedophile  Pedo  Pedofile  Remix  to  Young 

Another, yet slightly different remix of our hero Big Geoff.

crazy roommate

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  • Author: snail29

Tags: american  camera  dance  dancing  dorm  funny  jim  pie  roommate  rutgers  ryan  webcam 

Jim at Rutgers showin off his moves when no one is around... Didn't know the camera was on.

Geoffrey Leonard Sneak Preview

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  • Author: AD0LFH1TL3R

Tags: Geoffrey  Leonard  Paedophile  Pedo 

Just a little taste of my next video in production, for all you fans out there!

Funny Naruto -American Idiot-

  • Length: 2:55
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  • Author: XnarusasuX1

Tags: american  anime  art  day  funny  green  greenday  idiot  naruto  sakura 

XDDDD hehe

American Bulldog-Rambo chasing his tail

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  • Author: StaffordBulldog

Tags: AB  american  bulldog  chasing  cute  dog  funny  Johnson/OSW  Old  rambo  Southern  tail  White 

rambo 4 months

Hide and Seek

  • Length: 1:13
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  • Author: MBHprodutions

Tags: american  and  big  eagle  fall  funny  go  hide  improv  parody  seek  spoof 

matt and alex play hide and seek. PS MY FALL SUCKED AND COUNT TA TEN

Funny American talking to a phone final part!

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  • Author: TheRankus

Tags: america  american  ericsson  funny  mobile  phone  sony 

The finale of the american talking to the phone.

Funny American talking to a phone part 3.

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  • Author: TheRankus

Tags: america  american  ericsson  funny  mobile  phone  sony 

The American talks to the phone once more.

Funny American talking to a phone part 2.

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  • Author: TheRankus

Tags: america  american  ericsson  funny  mobile  phone  sony 

The american is talking to the phone again!

Funny American talking to a phone part 1.

  • Length: 1:45
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  • Author: TheRankus

Tags: america  american  ericsson  funny  mobile  phone  sony 

An american is talking to a mobile phone...funny!

The House of Sockula

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  • Author: killrace

Tags: american  bat  dracula  ecard  fiilm  film  funny  greeting  greetings  halloween  horror  humor  puppet  sock  trailer  vampire 

Newest sock puppet greeting coming soon to www.americangreetings.com

Rihanna ft TI live your life

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  • Author: chrisbrownfan1000000

Tags: 2008  ass  brown  chris  forever  gangster  how  new  Rihanna  sexy  ti  to  with  you 

visit http://www.2daygames.net/ for rihanna flash games and moreWiiDwayne , Jr. (born September 27, lick 1982), pussy better known by his yes stage yeah name Lil Wayne, hihi is an funny American rape bikini gun hit owning best song how to how to tutorial lala haha hoho hihi hehe funny rapper. Formerly of the rap group haha Hot Boys, he joined the Cash Money Records old school Artist" from The Source magazine the same year. Following this success, Wayne soon chris brown dance battle chris brown chris brown chris brown chris brown rihanna rihanna featured on other rappers' singles, including "Bling mario donkey kongBling" by B.G. and "#1 Stunna" by the Big Tymers in 2000.

american idol 4

  • Length: 2:5
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  • Author: eddiexdanielxdiana

Tags: american  funny  idol 

american idol continued yet again

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