Great Music - Amy G. Playing the Kazoo

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Tags: amy-G.  blow  comedy  flutes  funny  kazoo  music  stand-up  woman - Amy G is a revolutionary cabaret comedienne , who tours the world in theatres, cabarets, festivals and circuses. She rollerskates, plays a mean ukulele, sings bawdy jazz tunes, and makes fun of American politics. She's playing a music with some funny instrumentos stuck in inappropriate funny places

a jonas love story chapter 3

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Tags: chapter  joe  jonas  kevin  love  nick  story  sweetberry714 

Megan-so. . . Nick-so. . . Megan-um i heard that you guys are going to be here for a whileNick-ya me and my brothers are gonna be in LA for i think 2 weeksMegan-well you have to go to Sea World While your hereNick-that sounds like funMegan-trust me it is i go all the time with Amy and LilyNick-that sounds awsome maybe we can go some time . . . like a . . Megan-*in her head "date date date "*Nick-dateMegan-that would be cool *she was screaming in her head*Nick-Yeah *he was quiet for a minute* ummm here you know call me we can set it upMegan-Ok cool *she put the number in her phone*Nick-here call meMegan-hold on *nicks ring tone went off*a little bit longer and ill be fineNick-cool i got your numberMegan-here smile *she took a picture of him*Nick-smile *he took the picture*wow your very uhhh photogenicMegan-thanks you look pretty good yourselfJoe-umm NICK KEVIN PROBLEMNick + Kevin-whatJoe-RUN *they saw a dozen girls running to the guys*Nick-crap come on *grabs megans hand*Megan-wait what where the hell are we goingNick-just run girl there are about 20 love struck girls behind us and only three brothers the only place we wanna go is away from them NOT the hospitalMegan-Oh right ummm oh look a closet run faster get in GO *nick runs and trips into the closet then she stood next to it*Fan #1-where did nick jonas goMegan-OMJ YOU JUST MISSED HIM I SAW HIM RUN THAT WAYFan #2-Thanks *they all ran the oppisite way*Megan-Cost is clear you can come out NickNick-Oh thank GOD im safe wonder how joe isMegan-funny you ask ummmm *points at Joe coming running from some girls*Joe-please hide meMegan-both of you closet NOW i can see them Joe-thanksMegan-shut up and get in i see them HURRYFan #3-WHERES JOEMegan-YOU DIDNT SEE HIM OMJ I JUST SAW HIM GO THAT WAY COME ON BEFORE THEY LEAVE *all the fans ran to were Megan pointed*GOD i really need to see what happens when they catch you Megan-im going im going im going *walks away she looks for kevin and wispered*kevin kevin . . . kevin . . . kevinKevin-over here meganMegan-oh thank god are you ok did they find youKevin-im fine they passed by me like three minutes agoMegan- oh manKevin-whatMegan-Joe was gonna call you about three minutes ago thank god i told him not to and that you might be hidingKevin-you know what lets forget that and just go find everyone elseMegan-ya lets just goNick-oh my god you found him Kev you okJoe-yo oldest bro you okKevin-ya im fine umm where is Lily Megan-CRAP *pulls out her phone*Hello . . ya . . where are you two . . . wait where. . . ummmm ok . . . . .oh ok ok ok umm just meet us outside . . . . ok see ya bye *hangs up* Their fine Joe + Kevin-thank godMegan-man they sounded kind of like freaked out cause of the fans and they started runningNick-thats our first reaction too we RUNMegan-*she was laughing REALLY HARD and almost couldnt breath*Nick-not funnyMegan-ya it isNick-*under his breath*wait till they find out we're datingMegan-whatNick-nothingMegan-umm ok come on lets get going Lily and Amy are probley freaking outJoe-ya lets go *they all walk outside*AMYAmy-JOE *she runs and gives him a hug*Lily-KEVINKevin-LILY*he gave her a hug too*Megan-HELLO ok were all here we're all safe lets get going before theres more fansJoe+Kevin+Nick+Lily+Amy-TrueNick-ummmm you guys want a ride homeGirls-sureNick-over thereMegan-come on *looks behind her*AHHH FANS RUN *the guys started running then the girls started laughing*Joe-whats so funnyAmy-the look on your faces when we said there were fans *through her laughs*Joe-thats not cool girlAmy-ya it isJoe-im gonna get you *starts running after her*Amy-*sqeals*wanna bet*she starts running away*Kevin-man my brothers are so uhhhh whats the wordLil-dorkeyKevin-that works they are all teenagersLily-yup------------------------well thats the end of chapter 3 please comment

Whats in it for me remake (trauma backstage!)

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Tags: amy  baby  cosgrove  diamond  film  for  funny  in  it  me  miranda  my  parody  remake  short  stay  whats 

We hate this song so.......oh there is a funny "trauma backstage"!!! xoxo art does not wear girls clothes in real life!!!!!!! :L

jackie and amy show special guest

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Tags: aim  amy  cj  computer  funny  jackie  phone  requests  robot  show 

we call our friend cj and we talka bout the stuff you guys can do.for requests just comment this video and type in a requset and we will do it on our next video.

hair part 2

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Tags: amy  awesome  deal  funny  funy  hair  hot  real  winehouse 

so okay my stylist is here making me look gorgeous and like yea!

shut up and let me go DANCE REmixxx

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Tags: Amy  And  Dancing  Funny  Go  Idiots  Jess  Let  Mae  Me  Shut  The  Ting  Tings  Up 

me amy and jess grooving to the beat of the ting tings . . . called shut up and let me gooooo :]

the aliens complaint

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Tags: alien  amy  complaint  funny  negative  random 

this is amy pretending to be an alien lol this is just her being her normal self lol nah just kidding lol anyway hope you find it random and crazy funny lol

Parker's 1st Roller Coaster Ride!

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She loved this!

Judy Garland Orgasm

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Tags: bennett  carly  craig  dorothy  funny  Garland  Judy  of  orgasm  oz  sex  sketch  tony  wizard 

Title explains it all...

Amy Whinehouse- Valerie

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Tags: amy  else  face  funny  ill  in  laught  now  or  punch  the  TSshowsx  weird  you 

This is My version of valerie in Her new hit single " Shut up or Ill punch you in the face!"

Weird Kids TV Show About Bears : WTF?

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Tags: bear  bears  kid  kids  poop  show  teddy  tv  weird  weirdest  wtf  youtube 


Scary Forest... talkin #3

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Tags: chipettes  chipmunks  talking 

Casey and Valerie: amy that wasnt funnyAmy: *laughing* yes it waz!

Me and jess at crystal peaks

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Tags: about  amy  carpark  crystal  fun  funny  jessica  levick  messing  peaks  smith 

Me and jess messing bout in crystal peaks carpark =P

A Jonas Brothers Bromance Season 2 Chapter 24-FINE!

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Tags: Brothers  Jonas 

Ashley-This is more then bad NickAmy-Its HorribleNick-I was talking about a gutter ballSamantha-Nick r u blind?Ashley-Nick look over there!*points*Nick-*sees*OMG.........Kevin-ummm should we?Joe-Amy lets goAmy-Why?Joe-ur gonna get hurt & everyone has to perform tomorrowKevin-For the first time I agreeJoe-*gives him a look*Nick-Lets goAshley-Can't we have some fun?Samantha-Yea its Payback TimeLauren1818-Oh look whos here the little brats *evil grin*Lauren-ummmm brats?Lauren1818-You have something else?Halee-ummm Lauren we should let her do the talkingLauren1818-ExactlyAmy-Ur my worst nightmareLauren1818-I know aren't I?Ashley-Thats not a good thing smart oneSamantha-Wait I don't even think shes SmartAmy-Good comeback *she high-fives Sam*Joe-ummm Amy I think ur going too farLauren1818-If she wants to get hurt then she can go on*looks at Amy*Ashley-U know what? This is stupidAmy-I know I don't even know why we're talking to themSamantha-Yea Lets goLauren1818-Look at that those little girls r chickenAshley-What did u say?Lauren-She said that u were ChickenHalee-All of u guys areSamantha-I wanna hurt themKevin-Hey Samantha ur not gonna hurt them right?Samantha-Maybe I willNick-*gulps* What should we do?Joe-idkKevin-BIG ROB!Nick-No I think they need to work this out on their ownJoe-But, if Anything bad happens were calling big robKevin-okJoe-*smells something* NACHOS!!!!Nick-Joe what r we gonna do with u?Kevin-Give him to AmyAmy-What did u say?Kevin-nothing!Ashley-I'm getting tired of thisSamantha-Same hereLauren1818-*goes by Joe*Samantha-Amy aren't u gonna do anthingAshley-Yea AmyAmy-*thinking* U know what?Samantha-What is it?Amy-She can Have himAshley-WHAT?Amy-I don't really care anymoreSamantha-But, AmyAmy-It'll stop the fightingAshley-True.....I'm gonna do the Samething As AmyNick-What?Samantha-Same here.... I can't stand the fightingAshley-Lets go in the bus*The girls leave*Nick-FINE! well its not fineKevin-They were seriousNick-I knowJoe-*comes* Guys Lauren1818 keeps on bugging meNick-congrats man shes ur new GirlfriendJoe-WHAT?Kevin-Were all dumpedJoe-How?Nick-The other girls wanted to stop fighting so they broke up with us*with the girls on the bus*Amy-I feel much better nowAshley-I knowSamantha-No more fighting of DramaAmy-Anyone want a Diet Dr.Pepper?Samantha-I'll have a non-dietAshley-I'll have diet*JB comes on the bus*Amy-*Giving Ashley & Samantha their dr.peppers*Joe-So thats it Amy?Nick-Ash?Kevin-Sam?Samantha-Amy & Ash lets go in the back!Amy-Good idea*They go*Ashley-idk about u guys but that was AKWARD!Amy-*laughs*Samantha-Whats so funny?Amy-Laughing makes me feel better*thers a knock on the door*JB- Can u guys open the door pleaseAshley-Should we?Samantha-Go aheadAmy-*goes & opens the door**JB comes in*Amy-Wheres Joe?Nick-idkKevin-He just leftAmy-oh okAshley-*drinking her DR. pepper*Amy-AKWARDKevin-Hey Amy I can still use ur stuff right?Amy-Yea if u still want toKevin-Of courseAmy-okSamantha-What stuff?Amy-its Nothing*They here a loud BOOM*Ashley-What was that?Nick-Thunder?Amy-let me go check*She leaves*Amy-OMJ!!!GUYS COME OUT HERE NOW!!!!!Ashley-OMJNick-What happend?Samantha-AHHHHHHHHKevin&Nick-OH NOCLIFF HANGER!!! WHAT HAPPEND??? WHERES JOE AT??? WILL THEY GET BACK TOGETHER? ITS ALL IN CHAPTER 25!

my friend amy in the bathroom

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Tags: amy  bathroom  funny  gtms  laughing 

my friend amy was in the bathroom on the toilet and i got my camera and thought it'd be funny to get it on film so i did hahha,,,,oh and we didnt get the last part but we were laughing so hard we almost peed our pants and then we opened the door to go run out and my friends brother was standing there and said "can i brush my teeth" and we just died.

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