anchor men

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real funny anchor men but at home

Wesker Crashes a Umbrella Party

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  • Author: KeuriSilisu

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Wesker decides to bust a move in his collegues party XDResident Evil is Property of CAPCOM

Voryn and Friends...go crazy

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Voryn (me) Wesker and Pyramid head have a bit of a crazy time...along with a mystery woman! :O...('ll be in the next vid Dexus :D you too Sereniti XD)Resident Evil is property of CAPCOMSilent Hill is property of KONAMI/Team Silent

retarded anchor man part:2

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funny anchor man

Funny news blooper (But he's gay...)

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A funny news blooper...

Bad Taste Trailer

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This is one of Peter Jacksons early films realeased by Anchor Bay, a masterpiece if you ask me. Buy the film on DVD and enjoy! Also check out Braindead (Dead Alive-US) and meet the feebles. go to

The anchor: Our email is not here!

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Such a professional and funny anchor!

Semi-Pro (2008) - Full Trailer - Will Ferrell

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http://www.luckygirafle.comShop OnlineYou want to do some online shopping. We are connected to almost 1000 shops on the internet. So buy all your products through us and you will...Earn TicketsEarn "Giraffle Tickets" on all your purchases. They work like loyalty points.Enter RafflesEnter your tickets into the prize draws we are running on the website and win MEGA PRIZESORSwap For CashSwap your tickets for cash and we'll send you a cheque for all of the money you've earned.==========Full theatrical film movie trailer for Semi-Pro. The Greatest Fro on EarthPlot Outline:Jackie Moon, the owner-coach-player of the American Basketball Association's Flint Michigan Tropics, rallies his teammates to make their NBA dreams come true Will Ferrell ... Jackie Moon Woody Harrelson ... Monix André Benjamin ... Clarence 'Coffee' Black Maura Tierney ... Lynn Andrew Daly ... Dick Pepperfield Will Arnett ... Lou Redwood Andy Richter ... Bobby Dee David Koechner ... Commissioner Rob Corddry ... Kyle Matt Walsh ... Father Pat the Ref

"Elevator Ride" - Anchor - 3rd episode

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Edgar doesn't buy newspaper anymore.

News Stati-ooon !

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Skit in Public Speaking class at school.


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Tags: anchor  butts  funny  games  mudbutt  ouch 


sub anchor man

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very funny anchor man

FUNNY NEWS Episode 2

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The second of my new funny series

FUNNY NEWS Episode 1

  • Length: 4:59
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  • Author: funnyanchor

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This is my first of a new series of very and maybe disturbing news. This is the same video that penguinman11 did and i am penguinman11 I just made a new acount for funny news

That dude cleans up good!

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  • Author: thetron

Tags: acting  anchor  anchorman  burgundy  farrell  ferrell  funny  jamie  man  ron  will 

Me re-enacting a great scene from the brilliant movie; Anchorman."Oh, I'll be there...and I'll look good!"

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