Take A Breath-Jonas Brothers Love Story Ep.5

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(With Joe and Katie)Joe:Please forgive me...Katie:FineJoe:(hugs her) When will you decide for sure?Katie:I don't know (pulls out of the hug) Joe:Is this why you won't say if you like me or not?Katie:...YesJoe:Can you please tell me?Katie:I don't know if I should Joe:How come?Katie:Because, I don't wanna hurt youJoe:You won'tKatie:Okay...I do like you, alot, but if I take this job, we can't start a relationship.Joe:Why not?Katie:It's too hardJoe:We could make it workKatie:I don't know..(skipping to the next night, Nick and Sam are on their date and Kevin and Anna are babysitting Frankie, Katie's at her house and Joe decides to go over)Joe:Kevin, I'll be backKevin:Where are you going?Joe:To see KatieKevin:Oh, okay byeJoe:See ya(he leaves)Anna:They would make such a cute coupleKevin:Yeah, they would.Anna:I hope Katie gives him a chanceKevin:YeahFrankie:I'm boredAnna:What do you wanna do?Frankie:Watch a movie!Anna:Okay(they watch a movie)(With Joe knocking on Katie's door)Katie:HeyJoe:Hey Katie:What are you doing here?Joe:I wanted to see youKatie:Okay, come inJoe:(walks in and they sit down) I've been thinking about your job...Katie:You have?Joe:Yeah, if you decide to go...I'm going with you(With Sam and Nick on their date on the beach)Sam:It's so beautiful out hereNick:Yeah, it is, so have you guys decided about the moving thing?Sam:No, not yet, I'm hoping we won't have to, on the other hand, I know Katie wants this job. it's all so confusingNick:I know, just promise if you do leave, you won't fall for anyone else?Sam:(laughs) I would never do that, I promise Nick:GoodSam:Now you promise me that you won't fall for any other girls.Nick:I promise, would you like to dance?Sam:(smiles) Sure(they dance)(with Kevin,Anna and Frankie watching the movie)Frankie:KevinKevin:Yeah?Frankie:Why do you kiss Anna alot?Kevin:(blushing)Uh..because she's my girlfriendFrankie:Well, she's my friend too, but I don't suck the life out of her.Anna:(laughing so hard)Kevin:Anna, it's not funnyAnna:Yes, it isKevin:Let's just watch the movieAnna:OkayFrankie:I wasn't done...Kevin:Oh lord.Frankie:Since Anna's my friend too, I can kiss her?Kevin:No! Why does Frankie wanna kiss Anna?How will Katie react to Joe's news? Will something happen on Nick and Sams date? this isn't the best episode, sorry Comment =)

Stacey's stupid blonde MOMENTSSS haha =]

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eva felt blonde ha well i have and it kinda got caught on da computer thxx to maddie!!! =[ haahahahhah!!

Lolwovz- Drews guide to girls

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Drew goes undercover to discover more about girls and their secretive habits

Sara faller offer för Scary Maze Game

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Jag och Anna teamworkade så bra att vi till slut lyckades lura Sara också..

Tree Cilbing Part 1 Anna Can She DDo It ?

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KH VoiceOver Ep. 7: The Great Coliseum

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Sora and company end up at the Olympus Coliseum. Are Sora's powers enough to make it in the games??

KH VoiceOver Ep. 6: Magical Poop

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What will Sora and friends encounter in a Deep Jungle???

me, Nikos and Anna singing the Higinia by Blessthefall!! :P

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Nikos is "screaming", I am "singing" and Anna is "playing" the elecrtric "guitar"!!Ermina on the camera, Mixalhs on the visual effects (lights), Xrusa and Artemhs as the audience!!http://eleni-kitten.hi5.com

i never had a dream come true, then i watched this

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S club 7 aint got nothing on usNever had a dream come true by S club 7

The Amazing Pad

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Ok, so anna wears tampons, not pads, so we decided to check this amazing pad out. it's pretty long. like what the fuck. =]]]]

Anna Stuck In Lake Delton

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Stupid girl gets stuck in the muck that used to be lake Delton in Wisconsin

Annasophia Robb ft.The Wu-Tang Clan-Keep Your Mind Wide Open

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Funny song."What am I looking for exactly?SEW YOUR ASSHOLE CLOSED AND KEEP FEEDING YOU AND FEEDING YOU!!!!"

Four Dollar Cokes

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anna brushing her hair

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funny anna brushing her hair

Life Up Until You (JB Love Story) Chapter 20

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(The applause rose as they realized what had just happened. The song ended and Tylar returned to her seat.)Nick: Okay, now we thought about it. And we couldn't leave without taking you on a trip to the year 3000. *began to play* (The concert ended and they were at the after party. Joe pulled Tylar over to a corner to talk to her privately.)Joe: You do know what I meant when I gave you that ring right?Tylar: Joe, how could I not? This is an engagement ring.Joe: What's your answer? *looked nervous*Tylar: *leans in and kisses him*^^^Sarah, Nick, Anna, and Kevin's POV^^^Sarah: Did Joe do what I think he did?Kevin: Yeah he did. *wraps his arms around Anna*Anna: Aw, look at the happy couple now. *points to Tylar and Joe*Nick: Watch this. *starts to walk over to Tylar and Joe*Sarah: Nick leave them alone. *grabs his arm*Kevin: Nah, let him go. I wanna see this. *starts laughing*Nick: *breaks loose of Sarah's grip and walks to Joe and Tylar* Oh my gosh get a room! Joe: *breaks kiss* Nick you are really getting on my nerves right now.Nick: I know. Joe: *gives him an evil look* I'll get you later.Nick: Oh I'm so scared.Joe: *rolls eyes* Go away! *sees Kevin, Sarah, and Anna laughing* Come on let's go. *grabs Tylar's hand*Tylar: *starts to follow Joe but he stops as soon as Nick turns his back*Joe: So that was a yes, right?Tylar: Yes that was a yes. *kisses him on the cheek and walks over to everybody else*Joe: *looks proud* (They return with everybody. They play a game of bowling then it starts to get hot in the room.)Kevin: Let's go for a walk.Anna: Sounds good. *Everyone agrees and walks out of the building*(Joe and Tylar walk off down a forest trail toward a nearby pond. Kevin and Anna walk towards a farm that is just a few yards from the bowling alley. Nick and Sarah take a walk through a cookie cutter neighborhood just down the road. [A/N I know that none of these can be anywhere near each other... I mean... a cookie cutter neighborhood, a farm and a forest with a pond, total fantasy but it's a story, what else do you want from me?)^^^Sarah and Nick's POV^^^Nick: *grabs Sarah's hand* So, how did you enjoy the concert?Sarah: It was really good. I enjoyed it.Nick: That's good. We were wanting to make it special since it was our last one for this tour. We had no clue that you three would be coming to the concert. We thought you would just be coming to the party. Sarah: Why would we be doing that?Nick: I don't know. Didn't you have a CD signing to go to?Sarah: That's tomorrow night. Nick: Oh that makes sense. *laughs at himself*Sarah: I can't believe that Joe and Tylar are engaged now. Two sisters engaged to two brothers. That's funny.Nick: Yeah it is. *sighs and sits down on the curb*Sarah: You okay? *sits next to him*Nick: Yeah I'm fine. It's just weird to have two brothers that get engaged within a year of each other. Sarah: I know. It is really weird. Tylar and Anna are like sisters to me. Nick: Is it tough being the youngest of the three of you all?Sarah: Not really. It can get kind of tiring. I do have to clean up after Tylar every once in a while but I mean who doesn't? *laughs* She's calmed down over the past year though so things are a little bit better. I think her and Joe are going to be really happy.Nick: I have a feeling they will too. *looks at Sarah*Sarah: *looks at Nick*Both: *lean in and kiss each other*^^^Kevin and Anna's POV^^^Anna: Well, it looks like we've got one more to plan right after ours. Kevin: Yep. It's kind of funny.Anna: Yeah it is. I feel bad for Daddy. He has to pay for one right after the other. *laughs*Kevin: *laughs*Anna: So do you think that you three are going to continue touring after the weddings?Kevin: I don't know. We might.Anna: We don't think that we are. We are just going to go around with you three if you are. Kevin: Well it really depends on what you want. Anna: Well I don't care. I'm not sure how Ty feels yet. Kevin: *sigh* Anna: I'm sure we'll figure something out. *kisses him on the cheek*Kevin: It's up to you. It doesn't matter to us. Just what ever makes you happy. *kisses the top of her head pulling her into a side hug*

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