Halo 3 tribute

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  • Author: Barkley1494

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halo 3 tribute all images are screen shots, i would say a big thanks 2 ace shot ruddy, british sgt, shooter sa80, ghostfone bullet and me o0o kal o0o for theys screenshots.

Through the Halo and the flames

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  • Author: modded2007

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The delayed vid is now avaliable! i finished it thanks to, uh, i can't remember, but he told me to change the mp3 to wav. (thnx) and now im finished it. i need more suggestions for other videos. enjoy!the song is: Dragonforce: through the fire and the flames

Gears Of War ::LAGIEST GAME EVER !!!!!!!!

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  • Author: BuffettXxX

Tags: 1v1  arbiter  blindfire  funny  gears  headshot  iceman  lag  lol  lxv  map  milkbone  noscope  of  out  rape  s1cksho7  walshy  war 

i was not uploadingthis was just my connection the host was east coast like me

1st Ever OUT OF MAP 1v1

  • Length: 1:56
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  • Author: BuffettXxX

Tags: 1v1  arbiter  blindfire  funny  headshot  iceman  lol  lxv  map  noscope  of  out  rape  s1cksho7  walshy 

me and lively started this hit us up for 1v1 or 2v2

Machinima - "What Are You Making?"

  • Length: 3:59
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  • Author: CussPatrol

Tags: 360  annoying  arbiter  arby  chief  cuss  digitalph33r  explode  forge  funny  glitch  halo  live  machinima  master  patrol  xbox 

by Cuss PatrolThis is for the Forgers who despise the pests who bug you while you try to create a masterpiece. The song is Canon Rock by Funtwo, and Hands is an offline account on my Xbox 360. If there is a person with the gamertag "Hands," this is not him, so don't ask him.

a very funny arbiter!!!!

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  • Author: Qualiflyer76

Tags: fun 

look this arbiter he is very funny u will like him!:)

Without Me Halo

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  • Author: archeshermit

Tags: arbiter  eminem  funny  halo  halo2  hmp  me  music  video  without 

Eminem- Without Me

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