Death Note, Bleach, FMA Parody

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  • Author: Zuntyh

Tags: Armstrong  Bleach  Death  FMA  funny  Ichigo  Light  Note  Park  Parody  Shoes  Simpsons  South 

This video contains clips from Death Note, Bleach and Full Metal Alchemist so be wary that there could be spoilers. Although if like me you have only watched the first 100 episodes of Bleach then it's fine for that as I am not up to date quite yet.I rarely had any FMA stuff on my pc at the time as I watched it a while back and deleted most of it to free up space. Theres too many Bleach to plow through and find stuff so Death note is the easiest to do.Sorry for the subtitles at bits, I tried to minimize them as best I coudl but I watched them in Japanese apart from FMA so that's all I had ^^.Warning : This video does contain words possibly not suitable for younger people xD.This video is fan-made and I do not claim any of the clips or audio as my own.

Things Are Heating Up Between Obama & Clinton!!!

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  • Author: forrest89sei

Tags: 2008  AM  Armstrong  barack  car  Clintion  cool  election  FUNNY  Getty  heat  Hillary  is  matts  obama  Porn  wow 

This is a clip from The Armstrong & Getty Show 7AM Hour 4-29-2008 In this clip Things seem to be heating up between Barack and Hillary

Death Pepper ! (the aftermath)

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  • Author: RageAgainst92

Tags: aftermath  armstrong  chili  chilli  death  evan  funny  habanero  hot  pepper  the 

the aftermath of the habanero pepper...NOT SO CHAMPION !! lol

Death Pepper !

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  • Author: RageAgainst92

Tags: armstrong  chili  chilli  death  evan  funny  habanero  hot  pepper 

I eat a habanero pepper... I AM CHAMPION lol

Armstrong and miller sketch 4 ww2

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  • Author: tokolafane

Tags: and  armstrong  bbc  boy5  chav  funny  harsh  miller  one  ratty  Series  sketch  soliders  tokolafane  very  ww2 

sorry i could not get the 3rd one any where but any way here is the 4th one in the seris

armstrong and miller sketch 2 ww2

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  • Author: tokolafane

Tags: and  armstrong  boy5  chav  funny  harsh  miller  ratty  Series  Sketch  soldiers  standard  tokolafane  very  ww2 

the second armstrong and miller sketch in the seris so far

Armstrong and miller sketch 1 ww2

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  • Author: tokolafane

Tags: and  armstrong  bbc  chav  fashsion  funny  miller  one  Series  sketch  soliders  sparks1993  tokolafane  ww2 

the first armstrong and miller sketch of the ww2 soldiers more to come!

Eye of the Tiger - FOD by Green Day

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  • Author: alioop33

Tags: armstrong  billie  cool  day  dirnt  dookie  eye  fod  funny  green  joe  live  lol  mike  of  the  tiger  tre 

fuck off and die and eye of the tiger by green day...funny :)

Dybrn's Louis Armstrong Impression

  • Length: 2:22
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  • Author: dybrn

Tags: armstrong  funny  Impression  karaoke  singing  talent 

Dybrn Sings what a wonderfull world in a Louis Armstrong voice. From 1995 Itex Convetion talent show in Austin. Shot in 1995

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