Sully Gets Bagged

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  • Author: MrFrozzy

Tags: bag  decoth  funny  jack  keg  kegg  sully 

Decothi Baggs Sully in Funny Art Lesson


  • Length: 3:5
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  • Author: areyouworththis

Tags: art  artist  clever  funny 


Dragon Animation Practice

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  • Author: Orochimarumania

Tags: animation  blink  design  dragon  roar  serpent 

This one I think is better than the wolf, since it has more going on in the clip. Again done on Paint and WMM. This took me about an hour or two to do.

Funny Food Faces! (Please read description!)

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  • Author: crazylime000

Tags: art  faces  food  funny 

Note!: I DID NOT make ANY of these sculpture food things. I found these pictures online. Sorry there is no music, my computer was being messed up the day I made/edited this.

Bob Walks Into A Dark Alley

  • Length: 2:26
  • Rating: 5.00 (4 ratings)
  • Views: 102
  • Author: Inferno299

Tags: Alley  Art  Bob  Cool  Cow  Dark  Funny  Got  Haha  Inferno299  Interactive  Into  Mysterious  Ninja  Rick  Roll  Roll'd  Walks  You 

When Bob walks into a dark alley on a stormy day, havoc occurs when he meets a mysterious ninja.Turn on your annotations because there is an interactive part and annotations are used for speech bubbles!!

RK: crazy sculpture #1

  • Length: 1:44
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  • Author: TheRKshow

Tags: art  crazy  funny  knoxville  random  rk  sculpture  show  teen  tennessee  therkshow  web 

a new series featuring reid


  • Length: 1:33
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  • Views: 24
  • Author: grandad1337

Tags: art  bbc  camera  cbbc  edd  eddo1337  film  funny  grandad1337  guns  harry  randomn  short  smART 

don't disturb him whilst he does his art

Sartorius and Zane are Bad Boys

  • Length: 3:35
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  • Author: Orochimarumania

Tags: AMV  animation  anime  duel  Kaiser  Ryo  Saiou  Sartorius  Takuma  Zane 

This is a tribute to my faveorite characters from Yu-Gi-Oh GX. I know this looks like they're a couple and if you think that it does go ahead, I don't care. It is just a double tribute.Yu-Gi-Oh GX and the song used are copyrighted to their rightful owners. Kazuki Takahashi and Cascada. This is just a fanmade video.

My First Monologue

  • Length: 9:8
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  • Author: idksimone

Tags: blog  monologue  random  video 

A monologue i made back when i was 15 and attended Barbizon Modeling School. It's like 2:50 am when i made this and i was wide awoke so i decided to record it.

blaze it up II

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  • Author: Vaosa03

Tags: humour 

funny art

Re: Evanescence - My Immortal Cover :)

  • Length: 3:30
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  • Author: ReiMoon91

Tags: alternative  indie  music  rock  soul  unsigned  world 

tia moire singing my immortal cover


  • Length: 10:15
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  • Views: 3
  • Author: castorena818

Tags: art  body  funny  love  most  tattoos  viewed 

tatoo shop in galveston Tx Me Joey castorena and ray n steve

You Might be from Phoenix if

  • Length: 7:41
  • Rating: 5.00 (1 ratings)
  • Views: 14
  • Author: locopelli

Tags: Art  cars  craft  fashion  flaming  Funny  hot  Phoenix  sweat  trucks 

Extreme comedy routine performed at the funniest club in Phoenix"The Comedy Spot"May 25th 2008.This entire routine was published by the Az Republic 06-14-08 "You might be from Phoenix if"

me having a tattoo

  • Length: 1:15
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  • Author: bro4l

Tags: art  dragon  funny  kanji  skinware  tattoo 

this is me haven my second tattoo lol. im talkin bout shit lmao.

Happy 4th of July

  • Length: 0:28
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  • Author: EricNightFilms

Tags: 4th  after  art  college  effects  Ericnightflilms  explosions  funny  July  of  rocket  watkins 

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