The Worship Hunter #2

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  • Author: tjams4him

Tags: Arts  Church  Clip  Funny  Gifts  Hunter  Recruit  Series  Spoof  Talents  Worship 

A funny clip from a series of videos to help recruit people into the Worship Arts Department at our church.It is also a wake up call to everyone that have burried their talents. "Stir up the gifts in em' Lord!"

Cloud effects!! SONY VEGAS TUT

  • Length: 6:43
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  • Author: xSniperBlazex

Tags: and  arts  cloud  computer  effects  funny  gears  how  intro  kill  lightning  montage  new  of  sony  to  tuts  vegas  war 

Here is me just showing how to do effects with clouds. Just to help friends. i am willing to go into depth and make more when people request or whatever. dunno why the thing keeps recording wide screen this damn wide screen display. if any one knows how to use camtasia or what ever let me know. i would rather it zoom in on the stuff. i did this in less than 20mins. not complicated at all. if you need help let me know. sub comment and rate. nothing special. i will make some good tuts tho here pretty soon. i was bored didnt have nothing to do so i just recorded my screen fooling around with a pic from clouds. just mostly key framing... crop go down create a keyframe move it zoom in zoom out all the simple stuff. feel free to ask any questions.

Spaghetti Man

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  • Author: rokmyhotpinksoks

Tags: and  arts  beats  Detroit  eats  funny  Headband  Johnny 

Johnny Headband at Arts Beats and Eats

funny colors

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  • Author: ShamrockLAX12

Tags: arts  beauty  crafts  dance  drink  fashion  finance  fitness  food  funny  gardening  health  home  music  sports  technology 

FUNNAY colors

How to do the Split, with Jeans and a Cat in your Head!

  • Length: 1:44
  • Rating: 5.00 (4 ratings)
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  • Author: AndGabDol

Tags: arts  funny  legs  split 

Estrellita does the leg split, two legs separated, with tight jeans and no hands! :O Also a standing Split, or something similar lol. Hope you find it at least a bit funny or worth watching in whatever way you think. :)'I know how to hop!'Comments and ratings appreciated, it will help us on our next video! ^^

America decide my next tattoo!!!

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  • Author: sinclairdl

Tags: america  artist  arts  britney  celebrity  color  crying  funny  kevin  no  regrets  spears  tattoo  vote  voting 

i want a new crazy tattoo to match my crazy bald britney tattoo i have...america you decide.

Chin Man 2

  • Length: 0:18
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  • Views: 19
  • Author: kelsandali7

Tags: and  arts  chin  crafts  funny  hehe  lol  man 

another video of the chin ppl...we might make a series .. lol well watch this hope you like the other ones

Chin Man...Lol

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  • Author: kelsandali7

Tags: and  arts  chin  crafts  funny  man 

it is a video of me and my friend and we drew a nose on our chins and made glasses out of pipe cleaners...just watch it..its funny...

Escada Rolante

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  • Author: chexaldo

Tags: arts  comedy  escada  funny  rolante 

estreando a escada rolante de trás do sofá da casa do migras!!!hahahahahahaano: 2003


  • Length: 0:41
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  • Author: theGraff94

Tags: arts  beauty  challange  challenge  contest  crafts  dance  drink  figure  finance  fun  funny  ho  man  music  sports  stick  technology 

A Challenge!

Brighton Festival Double Act 2007

  • Length: 4:29
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  • Author: gman3007

Tags: Arts  Brighton  Comedy  dance  Days  Feel  Festival  Funny  Glory  Good  Gorrilaz  Jack  Just  Music  parody  Sketch  Street 

In 2007 a large festival held across brighton was held. This is only one of the acts.

how to roll a blunt pt.2 Live

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  • Author: calishine

Tags: 420  arts  crafts  funny  gardening  home  how  music  roll  to  trees 

Roll wit my folkz

Twisty Tie Art - Fun Without Money

  • Length: 2:54
  • Rating: 4.50 (2 ratings)
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  • Author: suchmann

Tags: art  arts  crafts  fun  funny  money  sculpture  store  supermarket  tie  twist  twisty  without 

Twisty tie art. A great way to have fun in the supermarket without spending a penny!

we are not two we are one.

  • Length: 0:44
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  • Author: simonebutler69

Tags: arts  funny 

Piano riff

Ricky Ray's Cooking Special #1

  • Length: 6:38
  • Rating: 3.00 (2 ratings)
  • Views: 186' favoriteCount='1
  • Author: Kru3ger

Tags: arts  comedy  crafts  food  funny  health  home  rachel  ray 

Ricky Ray 2nd Cousin of Rachael Ray shows us how to make some jambalaya

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