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Vids: Square-Enix, downloaded from KH Vids.Music: OK2BGAY, TomboyNotes: If the lip sync looks completely off, I wasn't trying to lip sync that scene. XD

Funny Smallville Pictures

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These are some funny pictures from Smallville. (No disrespect to the show or it's cast.) This is my 4th video!


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Call of duty 2 multiplayer.


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Les artistes de la new génération sont la... Applaudissez-les comme des Dieu de la Pitch-Couzy !!!!!!

Prank: Boxer and A535 Rub - Dave gets pranked at TBL

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The guys put Rub A535 on a pair of Dave's boxers. Ben, Dave, Duncan and Jonnie left home in the summer of 2006 to complete their list of 100 things to do before you die. For every item they accomplish they help a stranger with an item on their list.So far, 47 items have been crossed off the list and more than 50 strangers have been helped with their life goals.Join the adventure at: http://www.theburiedlife.comOr on Facebook at: share YOUR list at:

Fight between grandmothers,at a tv show [ ]

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Tags: between  Fight  grandmothers - just visit ...If you want to see more funny videos

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