I Want My Glasses

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Hella Funny Fight Stephens off his meds like Fred lol

Me & Sarah- UMBRELLA :) By Rihanna

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So me and sarah were in Del Rio in the trailer, and we decided to make a funny video to this lovely song :)I messed up on my rap cause i kept laughing, but i really do KNOW ALL THE WORDS :)hahahaP.S. The camera adds ten pounds :)

A Jobromance: A Broken Love Chapter 25

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Tags: AJ  Aly  Broken  Brothers  Chapter  cougfanakd102  JB  Jobromance  Joe  Jonas  Kevin  Love  Miley  Nick 

CHAPTER 25Joe: A competition?Nick: You're on!Joe: Wait, lets just think about this first...Nick: What, scared you'll lose?Joe: Actually, never mind. I'm in. Nick, you're so going down.Nick: What's the competition?Kevin: Don't you mean what ARE the COMPETITIONS?Joe: Wait... how many?Kevin: A few... go prep yourselves in your rooms while we get ready.Joe: Fine... come on Nick.Nick: I'm coming...(They go upstairs)Lana: Wow, a competition?Kevin: (still smiling) Yep.Kerry: What you smiling for?Briana: Can you keep a secret?Lana: Yeah.Briana: Tell them Kevin. (Kevin tells them what's gonna happen.)Kerry: Serious?Kevin: Yep.Lana: Oh that's funny.Briana: I know right? Now, let's get the house ready.(They run around the house getting it all ready. About 20 minutes later they go upstairs.)Kevin: Boys, come on out.(Nick and Joe both come out of their rooms, glare at each other and keep walking towards Kevin.)Kevin: Ok... first competition. Follow me downstairs.(They all walk down the stairs and find two pies sitting on a table.)Joe: Oh fun! Can I throw it at Nick?Kevin: No, you can't throw it at Nick.Joe: Fine. Then what DO I do?Kevin: You eat it. The first contest is a pie eating contest. Nick: Sweet! You're going down Joe.Joe: Says you. Kevin: Ok, sit down and get ready. (Joe and Nick go sit down in front of the pie. Lana goes up to Nick and ties his hands behind his back. Kerry does the same to Joe's hands.)Lana: (whispering into Nick's ear) Good luck baby.Nick: (turns around and smiles) Thanks. (Lana gives him a quick kiss and goes back to Kevin and Briana)Kerry: (whispering in Joe's ear) You got this, I know you can win. (she kisses his cheek and walks to everyone.)Joe: What, that's all I get?Kerry: (nods) But if you win, you get whatever you want.Joe: (smiles) Ok!Kevin: Ok, here's the bells. (he sets them in front of Joe and Nick) When you're done, hit the bell, understand?Joe: Yeah, come on let's go!Kevin: Ok... on your mark... get set... EAT!(Nick and Joe dig in and eat the pies as fast as they can. Briana is laughing while Lana and Kerry are cheering for their boyfriends. At first it looks like Nick is going to win but Joe catches up. They are neck and neck and nobody can tell who is going to win. Then... DING! It rang through the house. Nick and Joe looked at each other and at their hands. They had finished at the same time...)Joe: What?Nick: No fair! I so won!Joe: Did not!Kevin: Guys. It was a tie.Nick: Are you kidding me?Joe: Rematch! I can beat him! (holds his stomach) Oh, maybe not...Nick: I win (sticks his tongue out) Joe: Did you see that?Kevin: No. Ok, listen let's just go to the next competition shall we?Nick: Fine... what is it?Kevin: The next one is...Nick: Yeah?Joe: Come on spit it out.Kevin: Go look in the closet.(The boys run to the closet and when they see what's inside, their mouths drop.)Joe: Are you serious?Nick: Well... this should be interesting.------------------------------------------------------------------------ WHOOT WHOOT! CLIFFY!!! Haha. I don't know when the next one is... but I'll try to get it out tomorrow.Thanks AppreciateJB for ideas in this chapter!! I'm using two others one but I will give credit in the chapter I use it in. Thanks for all the ideas sent too!

But Daddy, I can't reel it in...

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This is sooooo funny.Briana trying to reel in a big snapping turtle.

Salad Fingers Remake

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Salad fingers done Tennessee style!

Shawn Broom May 08 Pt2

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Tags: banks  briana  canada  down  funny  guy  hawk  hill  hippy  ja  jam  jolly  regina  rule  saskatchewan  stand  tony  up 

the shocking conclusion

New Hillary Clinton Campaign Video Featuring James Earl Jone

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Tags: ad  barak  berriz  briana  campaign  Clinton  cooper  dwane  fake  funny  Hillary  matt  obama  political  presidential  robbie  robert 

This was a school project but i decided to put it online... I figured why not.. I have only made a couple other videos before I know its amatureish but what ever. Comments are greatly appreciated.

No hands!

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Tying a shoe with no hands.


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better version of muffins

rawr at walmart

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uh. laura and i OF COURSE.:)

The unidentified rodent

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wut we found while sledding

Fun w/ geena sledding intro

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Tags: briana  funny  geena  nick  pain  slayriding  sledding 

one of the many funny episodes that occured w/ geena while slayriding

Were back WITH JELLY

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Tags: Briana  funny  ha  haha  jelly  kelly  lea  me  us  weeeee  wiggles  woot 

This is like the best video Yet, THANKS TO OUR EMO FRIENDS KELLY!Kelly rox our sox!OKay well enjoy and all the information is in the credits at the end.

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