funny babies

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babies laughing from sounds

marc and the family actin like a re re

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funny babies will like to baq

Baby shaindy

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There is my little primita!!!!


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ma little bro killing himself

funny babies

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shut up

chaza's funny babies

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the title describes itself funny babies made by chaza

raver baby part 2

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rockin to old skool this time

Re: Dragonforce

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Video Cam Direct Upload

funny baby

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story for aidan

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aidan's more interested in his toes than papa's story

funny babies and people

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funny babies

katy Kalimba

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katy cantando su mejor show

the best babies laughing in youtube

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hahahavery funny babies laughingwhatch it

cupboard clearout

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One of Jaden's favourite passtimes...

Silly Baby Girl

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i was just at my moms house, when my nieces happened to be there too. my littlest niece, Marissa, was begging to see my camera. she knows its mine and that shes not really allowed to play with it, but she talks so funny and cute i had to film her =) and yes, that is my mother yelling in the background, she didnt know i was filming, she still doesnt know. oh, and the reason i put my hand over Marissas face is because she hit me in the face first, but you dont see her hitting me in the vid. you also dont see her shoving her hand down my shirt, but i kind of tickled her for that though. i didnt want to give her anymore Down-The-Shirt ideas!anyway, here are a few translations:1) Marissa: I wanna see2) Marissa: let me see3) Marissa: i dont know4) Julyssa: aw, tsk, man!5) Julyssa: wanna go to a dentist) Marissa: i wanna see!7) Marissa: see!

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