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Tags: barack  clinton  disney  flo  florida  funny  haha  hillary  lil  lol  low  movie  obama  ok  pain  rida  to  wayne  why  yeah  youtube 

a funny random movie. i will add moreto it later so do not worry lol. enjoy and comment. if the comment is rude, it will be removed, so please, positive criticism only. thank youand enjoy the movie.

YOU!! Tell Us What They're Thinking.

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Tags: annotation  barack  barely  boobs  campaign  caption  comedy  contest  election  funny  mccain  obama  political  pop  thinking  up 

Submit your own captions for what these people are REALLY thinking in the comment section. We'll select the best ones and over the next 2 days add them in the video as annotations that link to your YouTube page!Post to ANY number... we are replacing old ones with better ones : )

The Bicycle Thief

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  • Author: CutterMovies

Tags: barack  bicycle  cutter  democrat  election  film  funny  hilarious  obama  republican  sex  short  spoof  thief 

Beth Parfitt's bicycle is stolen.

Sean "Crunkburn" Blacksun lap dance

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Tags: barack  boy  clinton  dance  darfur  funny  mccain  niggas  obama  rap  skeet  soulja 

Chipachabre giving a lap dance

Barack, Hillary, McCain = Good, Bad, and the Ugly

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  • Author: TV2111

Tags: analysis  Barack  Clinton  commentary  commercial  funny  Hillary  John  McCain  Obama  political 

this is a parody of the beginning credits of the old western feat. Clint Eastwood "The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly" and the pending presidential race between Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, and John McCain.

Obama: "Whites are all racist"

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Tags: Barack  Black  Democrat  Election  Funny  gotcha!  Liberal  Obama  Quote  Racist  TravisTCleveland  Trinity  Values  Whites  Wright 

What do you make of this?I think it's interesting at the least.Likely out of context, but who knows? It's funny either way. (He probably believes it).I just know I'll get a bunch of hate mail for posting this...#85 - Most Discussed (Today) - News & Politics#87 - Most Responded (Today) - News & Politics#76 - Top Favorites (Today) - News & Politics(...this is only a joke by the way)


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Tags: barack  bristol  bush  Bushism  funny  george  inhalator  inhaler  obama  obamaism  speech 

This is going to be a classic!! A must see for all intelligent Americans!!

Cody jaminn

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Tags: barack  funny  obama 

A kid in my tech class jaminn to...politics?

The Empire Strikes Barack

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  • Author: ablank1982

Tags: barack  funny  obama  starwars 

Really really funny Barack Obama Starwars movie;)

Barack Obama

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  • Author: Benjibens

Tags: advice  gotcha! 

Funny Barack Obama

Hillary and Obama... The love story

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Tags: 08  2008  barack  bill  celebs  clinton  comedy  funny  Hillary  John  love  McCain  Obama  OneTrueMedia  phifer  politics  stars 

Why Hillary took forever to give up the election. This is funny.


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  • Author: BeatTheBajebusOut

Tags: 08  Barack  Challenge  Clinton  Colbert  Edit  Funny  Hillary  Indecision  Obama  Report  Stephen 

IS IT?Note: I know it's too late. I made this because I felt like making a video and had no ideas at the time.

Best Halo 3 Montage

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  • Author: mjschwarz

Tags: awesome  barack  bungie  clinton  dance  evolution  funny  game  general  guardian  halo  hilary  montage  obama  of  video 

A collection of clips from my gameplay. I'm a General

Barack Obama funny interview with Celebrity

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  • Author: supportdemocracy

Tags: Barack  celebrity  comedy  FUNNY  interview  obama  pikachu  speech 

Obama with Mr. P adding more useless celebrities to the LONG list


  • Length: 6:52
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  • Author: mh199515

Tags: barack  dr.  funny  mike  obama 

I am trying to help people...

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