Wolf Blitzer is Part of the Elite Media!

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Tags: anderson  barrack  blitzer  cnn  convention  cooper  john  live  mccain  national  obama  palin  republican  rnc  sarah  wolf 

Anderson Cooper insults Wold Blitzer in NATIONAL TV ... kind-of. Seriously, though, this clip is funny because it is true.

AngryGermanKid Versus Konata

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Tags: Angry  Brawl  Computer  Fox  German  Kid  Konata  Lucky  PC  Poop  Quickie  Retard  Star  Versus  VS  Wolf 

Just a little something I whipped up! YES I KNOW YOU CANT PLAY BRAWL ON A COMPUTER! IT'S FUNNY BECAUSE IT MAKES NO SENSE! Ya title says all Konata vs AGK on Brawl PC, apparently WiFi is lagging at the beggining, so AGK is pissed, eventually we all know whos gona win...

Cole's Sundrop Commerical

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Tags: cole  country  mooresville  music  sundrop 

Cole loves Sundrop. It was so funny because he said that on his on!

Sarah Palin not ready

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Tags: dumb  funny  hot  not  Palin  president  ready  Sarah  vice 

Sarah Palin doesn't even know what the vice president does. This is from a month ago when she was being investigated for mis-use of her office after she fired someone in her state cabinet. I think this is funny because she says Obama is not ready, and she doens't know what the VP does everyday.

It's Funny Because It's True- Oral Sex Stretches

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Tags: Because  big  blowjob  boobs  film  funny  hilarious  hot  It's  oral  series  sex  short  sketch  strectches  tongue  True 

No one wants to pull a muscle while giving head. Sorry for the late upload. YouTube was experiencing technical difficultiesBut tune in every Wednesday (hopefully) there will be a new sketch.

trampoline wrestling

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Tags: arts  entertainment  film  news  performing  short  trampoline  trampolinewrestling  wrestling 

its real wrestling not fake which makes it evan better there are evan a bit of the trampoline which is funny because it hurts more and we like to see people in pain.

Escape the Fate-The Guillotine (VOCAL COVER)

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Tags: Benji  cover  Escape  Fate  Guillotine  Radke  Ronnie  the  vocal 

EnjoyThe singing sounds kind of funny because I used a digital camera but the screams are brutal.=]

olivia running around

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Tags: olivia 

this video is very funny because if you pay close attention you can hear my friend olivia making a gorilla noise in the middle of the video

Two Of A Kind Episode 62

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  • Author: JonasLuvrsAnonomous

Tags: alex  bailey  brothers  emo  fanfic  jamie  joe  jonas  kevin  kind  love  nick  of  story  two 

The first of four :)RECAP: Back with Jobros. Joe made Nick run to the roof and cry. That mean Joe. We're kinda going back an episode because in 61 Nick is telling Bailey about this but this is what happened.[Nick is sitting on the roof by the guard rail crying. He found a stick. He broke it in half and threw it across the roof]Nick: [Thinking to himself] I can't take it! Joe has gotten on my last nerve! I need Bailey! How could she date him??? Stupid Alex, none of this would've happened if she has just not kissed him during spin the bottle! [He continued crying. His sweatshirt had numerous dots on it from tears falling onto it. He saw something shine in the morning sunlight. He looked down and saw a small, yet sharp, piece of glass. He picked it up and and moved it around in his fingers. He rolled up his sweatshirt sleeve. He held the point towards his wrist. The tears fell more and more, harder and harder, as he thought about what he was doing. He inched the glass closer, now on his wrist, but no pressure on it, two people walked through the door on the roof. When they saw what he was doing they started running at him]Alex: Nick! What are you doing?! [Next to Alex ran Joe. Nick continued crying] Stop! [She took the piece of glass from his hand and threw it off the roof. Nick cried harder thinking about what Alex stopped him from doing] Nick, why are you doing this? [He couldn't say anything. All they heard from him were sobs] Talk to me, Nick! Why were you doing that!? How many times have you cut yourself?! [She too cried thinking about her 'friend' cutting himself] Nick: None! You stopped me from the first time I was going to!Alex: Consider yourself lucky!Nick: Lucky?! You left me for my brother! My best friend went to stay with her dad! And apparently I'm not a man for crying!Joe: No, I said you proved your manhood by crying.Alex: [Looking up at Joe] JOE! How could you say that!?!?!Joe: [Holding up his hands] I said I was just kidding!Alex: Still! [Nick sat there continuing crying] I'll worry about you later. [She turned to Nick] Nick, why would you do this?!?Nick: I don't know. I wanted to get away from the emotional pain and go to the physical! That's what emo kids do! I'm tired of hurting inside!Alex: [Grasping his shoulders] Never fix it by doing this!Nick: [Shaking her off] Stop yelling at me!Alex: Then promise you won't ever do this again!Nick: Just get away from me! Alex: [Wincing] Fine! Come on, Joe! [She and Joe left and the moment they did, Nick laid down still hugging his knees and cried. He sat there for what seemed like hours. A puddle of tears under him. Paul and Denise came up to the roof to find their son laying there crying. Joe and Alex told him what they saw and they ran to him and Paul made him sit up]Denise: Nicky, what's wrong? [He sat there breathing heavily and crying] Come on talk to me, Nicky!Paul: Nick?!?! [He patted his sons back. He turned to his wife] We should get him some water.Denise: We should. I'll go get it. [She ran downstairs and grabbed a bottle of water] I got it. Should he drink it or what? Because he might choke.Paul: True. We could pour it on him.Denise: Ok. [They opened the bottle and poured a little on his face. He continued crying harder and harder] It didn't work! What should we do!?Paul: I'm not sure! Nick, please say something so we know that you're ok. Nick: [It took a little while and it sounded kinda funny because he was still crying, but he finally choked out] Sorry. [Denise hugged her son and kissed his cheek numerous times]Denise: Nick, I need you to stop crying. Come on, deep slow breaths. Come on, baby. [Nick started to calm down. He took his breaths and in about ten minutes his face was still extremely wet, but no new tears were coming and he was breathing normally] Take a sip of water or two, honey. [He took some water and hung his head low looking disappointed in himself] Please, honey tell me why you had the glass. [He shook his head and continued looking down] Paul: Why did you want to cut yourself, Nick?Nick: Because. [He kept his head down]Paul: Because why?Nick: I can't take anymore.Denise: Anymore what?Nick: Pain. Emotional pain.Denise: Caused from Alex and Joe together? And Bailey leaving?Nick: Yeah, that.Denise: That's not the answer though. Life is a series of good and bad things that happen to us. The important thing is how we react. We can't let the bad things destroy us. Sometimes when things don't go well we have to accept it and go on. (A.N That's from a movie called "Ping")Nick: I know...now.Paul: Are you gonna be ok, son? No, more glass. Or cutting.Nick: No more. I promise. Denise: Good. Now, let's go inside and you can take a nice long shower then maybe a nap.Nick: Mom, I'm not five. [She looked at him with that "I'm the mom, so do as I say" look] Maybe a nap would be good.

hammer time

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  • Author: andxlovextori

Tags: and  cheyenne  hammer  on  the  tori 

at farmers pike. its funny because thats like our 3rd time around? the carny dude at farmers pike though we were sexy or something. rofl. we didnt even have to give them tickets.


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Tags: animation  comedy  park  south  southpark 


"cant be saved" michael failing lol medium

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Tags: guitar  hero 

this is funny because after video he gets mad

Halo 3 - Confused Brute

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Tags: ark  brute  confused  funny  halo  legendary  prowler  rsskiller88  the 

Okay, this is a glitch that I found during gameplay on the level, The Ark on legendary difficulty. This is a glitch that I find ocasionally, but this time I wanted to record it. When I entered the area with the 2 prowlers that come in and a bunch of Brutes, I noticed that when all of the brutes were dead, except for one left, driving in a prowler, he was just sitting there. It is pretty funny because his face looks so angry without his armour. Sorry about the short length, but I might be adding some more funny Halo 3 videos.

D-ABAV (AB5604) - landing at Ibiza

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Tags: Air  B738  Berlin  D-ABAV  Ibiza  Paderborn/Lippstadt 

A Boeing B737-800(WL) (D-ABAV) of Air Berlin lands at Ibiza airport with very turbulent weather, coming from Paderborn/Lippstadt. (12 Jul. 2008)The plane was very funny because in summer 2005, D-ABAV has flown me from Palma de Mallorca to Paderborn.What a coincidence!(Sorry, that the window get steamed at the end of the video, but it was so sultry!)

Me Singing - Concrete Angel

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  • Author: mizznaomi0202

Tags: angel  concrete  me  singing 

i no that the chorus go funny because i had a bad throught today but still i hope you guys like it sorry theres not film its because my webcam didnt work

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