Jacob's Beethoven Song

  • Length: 0:45
  • Rating: 5.00 (2 ratings)
  • Views: 72
  • Author: emopandachannel

Tags: beet  beethoven  boy  channel  emo  funny  jacob  jake  nine  old  orchestra  panda  silly  william  year  yellow 

A funny Beethoven video by my brother. My dad created the effects and all that jazz. ;DPlz no flaming, spamming, or any other mean things. :( I like it so if you don't STCU.

20 Minutes of my life.

  • Length: 2:39
  • Rating: 5.00 (1 ratings)
  • Views: 21
  • Author: LittleChic93

Tags: beethoven  funny  hot  kdmrvids  littleChic93  mowing  music  outside 

I was bored.I had to mow the lawn.I decided to make a video about it.Why? Who knows! =DEnjoy my suffering. It was really flippin' hot out there!

Revenge Of The Robot Swordsman

  • Length: 1:10
  • Rating: 5.00 (2 ratings)
  • Views: 131' favoriteCount='2
  • Author: christoalex13

Tags: beethoven  comedy  fifth  funny  robot  swordsman  symphony 

the robot swordsman is back

the great escape

  • Length: 1:16
  • Rating: ( ratings)
  • Views: 27
  • Author: Scalaries

Tags: animation  beethoven  comic  fun  funny  spaß  tigger  trickfilm 


Jesus Would Drive a Subaru

  • Length: 0:34
  • Rating: 5.00 (2 ratings)
  • Views: 262' favoriteCount='2
  • Author: doittoit2008

Tags: Beethoven  Car  Commercial  Funny  Jesus  Joy  Ode  Subaru 

The Lamb of God enjoying a beautiful drive in His new car.

Skylar and more of my favorite things

  • Length: 2:21
  • Rating: 5.00 (1 ratings)
  • Views: 38
  • Author: ialwaysdo

Tags: Ace  beethoven  birds  funny  lots  pix  random  Skylar  Spongebob  Ventura 

now i am sorry for the beethoven music i know no one likes that but it is the one thing i could find in my music folder from samples i promise i will do better next time

Angry Pianist

  • Length: 1:13
  • Rating: 5.00 (2 ratings)
  • Views: 109' favoriteCount='2
  • Author: mwftsov1

Tags: beethoven  chair  funny  piano  random  throwing 

A pianist playing Beethoven gets a little angry because he messed up. Filmed in a school after 3:00; when it closes.

Baby Charlie Beethoven

  • Length: 0:47
  • Rating: 5.00 (1 ratings)
  • Views: 94
  • Author: kickassaisling

Tags: baby  beethoven  Charlie  Funny  keyboard  piano 

Baby Charlie playin the keyboard. Definatly a future star if i do say so myself!!!

Just a little laugh for you

  • Length: 1:16
  • Rating: 5.00 (1 ratings)
  • Views: 57
  • Author: ArockTheDemonic13

Tags: Beethoven's9th  Funny 

A short vidio that will atleast make you smile.. It took me 2 minuts to make it, so its not that big a deal...I hope you like it anyway..

Champ's Beet

  • Length: 1:50
  • Rating: ( ratings)
  • Views: 13
  • Author: lindsaj

Tags: beethoven  emperor  funny  music 


Frasier - Beethoven Virus

  • Length: 1:53
  • Rating: 4.56 (18 ratings)
  • Views: 2103' favoriteCount='17
  • Author: wolfdreamer3

Tags: Beethoven  Crane  Daphne  Doyle  Frasier  Funny  Martin  Moon  Niles  Roz 

Another Frasier video!Hope ya like it!!!!!Yeah not sure what happened in the ending parts though...on my computer there perfect with the music. but on here...idk...--------------------------------------------------No violation of copyright intendedAll clips owned by David Angel,l Peter Casey, David Lee, NBC, and Paramount

The Adventures of Old Guy and Hoochie

  • Length: 8:56
  • Rating: 5.00 (1 ratings)
  • Views: 70' favoriteCount='1
  • Author: BoRandGirLALA

Tags: ahahhaa  beethoven  dance  entertainment  fall  funny  greive  guy  hoochie  losers  love  old 

you honestly don't wanna know.=]:CAST:old guy - morganhoochie - me [ashley]madisongg - madisonenjoy!

Sally Takes P.E.

  • Length: 3:19
  • Rating: 5.00 (5 ratings)
  • Views: 386' favoriteCount='2
  • Author: corntate

Tags: basketball  beethoven  class  football  funny  gym  P.E.  school  soccer 

Hi My name is Sally Corntate. I try my best at everything all the time. This video is about me and Gym and our love/hate relationship. I'm hacking tired of Gym Class!

AMAZING Piano.... Moonlight Sonata. WOW

  • Length: 3:14
  • Rating: 2.60 (5 ratings)
  • Views: 415
  • Author: soccerlax16

Tags: awesome  baseball  beethoven  cool  football  funny  hit  insane  moonlight  piano  prodigy  sing  soccer  sonata  song  sony  xbox  xxx 

Me playing moonlight sonata on our electric piano, sorry for the lag

Ultra Violence - Lots of Violence Videos All In One

  • Length: 6:26
  • Rating: 5.00 (1 ratings)
  • Views: 198
  • Author: We3HutchieToday

Tags: Beethoven  Film  Funny  Pranks  Short  Spoof  Ultra  Videos  Violence 

Lots of Ultra Violence Videos all in one with music from Beethoven.

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