Stupid Bike Accident!

  • Length: 1:28
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  • Views: 7
  • Author: llamalover02

Tags: accident  bicycle  bike  bruise  fall  funny  hilarious  hurt  idiot  ouch  scream  stupid  yelling 

just watch the vid ;D

Kids jousting on bikes

  • Length: 0:56
  • Rating: 5.00 (1 ratings)
  • Views: 39
  • Author: texasrules98

Tags: Bicycle  Bike  Comedy  Crash  Funny  Kids  Wipeout 

kid on bikes holding pool noodels tring to hit the other guy down. Rawls, Nick, and Forrest are back in another funny bike video

Funny Kid Bike Crash

  • Length: 0:36
  • Rating: 5.00 (1 ratings)
  • Views: 42
  • Author: texasrules98

Tags: Bicycle  Bike  Comedy  Crash  Funny  Kids  Wipeout 

young boys film a funny bike crash. names are: Rawls, forrest, joe, oscar forrest is filming it.

How to make in TF2: Series 2 (Moar stuff)

  • Length: 6:55
  • Rating: 5.00 (2 ratings)
  • Views: 169' favoriteCount='5
  • Author: Htresnal

Tags: alias  bicycle  bind  command  console  fortress  funny  how  make  team  tf2  to 

In that video i'll show you new 5 console-serverside things.. so, there's commands:1."Teleport-board"Build the teleport entrance\exitWhile they're building by themselves -stand on entrance and target your crosshair on it.Open console and type next:ent_fire !picker setparent !playerYou can move up by jumpalso can move in any directions,But if you wana move down -enter 'Noclip' in console2."Ammo-crates"Just type in consoleprop_dynamic_create items/ammopack_large;ent_fire !picker setanimation idlep.s. To delete it: ent_remove in console3. "Dead Bodies"In console:prop_dynamic_create alyxprop_dynamic_create breenprop_dynamic_create barneyandent_fire !picker becomeragdollwhile aiming at them4. "KA-BOOM!"Spawning explosive barrels:prop_physics_create props_c17\oildrum001_explosiveBut you can use it like bind.bind O "prop_physics_create props_c17\oildrum001_explosive"5. "Ride ur BIKE!"prop_physics_create props_junk\bicycle01a;ent_fire !picker disablemotionThat command must create and freeze bicycle. Enable NOCLIP, fix urself on bike with help of Thirdperson view(command as same)When you placed yourself correctly, enable Firstperson view, and by looking on wheel front of you, enter next command:ent_fire !picker setparent !playerAfter enabling thirdperson back, you will see something like this :DP.s.(to rotate urself without moving the camera, use Thirdperson_mayamode after enabling thirdperson)Music:Captain Hollywood - Flying High remixVa - Gray Pianos Flying Drowning Pool - BodiesSystem of A Down - BoomQueen - Bicycle Race

Long Distance Bike Jumping

  • Length: 1:2
  • Rating: ( ratings)
  • Views: 23
  • Author: javibr369

Tags: bicycle  bmx  clearing  funny  jumping  record  sick  world 

jumping over 9ft

invisible man driving bicycle

  • Length: 0:20
  • Rating: ( ratings)
  • Views: 1
  • Author: royobano

Tags: bicycle  funny  invisible  man  shit.... 

a invisible man driving a bicycle

Abbey Funny Face

  • Length: 0:31
  • Rating: ( ratings)
  • Views: 20
  • Author: mblackwood3

Tags: abbey  bicycle  funny  Kids  sad 

Daddy won't let me have a bicycle!

8 Village Idiots

  • Length: 2:21
  • Rating: ( ratings)
  • Views: 22
  • Author: videosforthebored2

Tags: accidents  am  bad  bicycle  bored  funny  go  idiots  kill  ouch  pain  painful  skatebored  stunt  Stunts  time


  • Length: 1:24
  • Rating: 4.83 (6 ratings)
  • Views: 221' favoriteCount='1
  • Author: zackdotcom

Tags: bergman  bicycle  chucky  comedy  film  foreign  french  funny  humor  kahn  kahn-artist  subtitle  theatre  thief  zack 

Episode 2!

Crazy man in Tampere

  • Length: 0:7
  • Rating: 3.00 (2 ratings)
  • Views: 37
  • Author: Rokkari

Tags: bicycle  bike  bum  crazy  funny  tampere  yell 

Bum rides a bicycle in a middle of the road and yells something.

funny bicycle race....

  • Length: 0:17
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  • Views: 15
  • Author: fathimaram

Tags: funny 

really funny...

bike jump

  • Length: 0:7
  • Rating: ( ratings)
  • Views: 4
  • Author: Bo55S000

Tags: extreme  sport  water 

funny bicycle jump into lake

ön tekeri cikaripta tek cekersen olacak bu...

  • Length: 0:15
  • Rating: ( ratings)
  • Views: 28
  • Author: xrosso

Tags: 07  antalya  bisiklet  cek  comedy  computer  deli  depp  düsüyo  fallen  funny  gül  hahaha  idiot  kepez  komedy  lastik  lise  lustig  manyak  motor  pc  salak  school  tek  teker 

mutlaka izleyin

funny bicycle crash in arta

  • Length: 0:20
  • Rating: ( ratings)
  • Views: 326
  • Author: prophet4646

Tags: edo  gsxr  GT  motorcycle  r1  savoura  tourbo 

aggelis the stupiest biker in greece tries a stunt with his GT bicycle

Funny bicycle crash

  • Length: 0:21
  • Rating: ( ratings)
  • Views: 60
  • Author: magnum789

Tags: bicycle  crash  funny 

that's me:)

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