Kakakakakakashi-sensei's real face(well, a bit of it anyway)

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  • Author: AdderGuyInnit

Tags: anime  face  senseis 

This is off the end funny bit on Shippuden 74!

Madden 08 funny moment

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  • Author: slice1P

Tags: american  football 

Well not that funny bit its LT so whatever

JM Dragon Con perfect party

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  • Author: iheartwookiees

Tags: conventions  panels 

From Dragon*con 2008 - What's James' idea of a perfect party? And of course, I cut off the funny bit at the very end about how he couldn't really say what else would make it perfect. Sorry! Also, I know the video quality is shite. Again, sorry!

I am talking to Mario and Luigi

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  • Author: caspian123456

Tags: Entertainment  Mario  Super 

I was asking Mario and Luigi what they did, well the funny bit was what Luigi told me when Yoshi called Luigi mama, also sorry about the darkness in my way when I was doing my filming, good luck for all of you

My Speed Stacks 'Stalagmite'

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  • Author: SpeedStacksBoy

Tags: Also  American  Boy  Estelle  ft  Kanye  Odyssey  Space  speed  sport  Sprach  stacking  stacks  stalagmite  West  Zathustra 

My 'building!Please comment (good ones)Funny bit at the end

Old School Hip Hop Medley/Compilation - by Trevor Cook and Rob Cook

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  • Author: jaxxar1100

Tags: 80's  90's  british  canada  columbia  diz  newfoundland 

During Trevors gig at Whalens Pub, his brother Rob gets up and they Jam this very funny bit. Sorry about the low lighting....even worse after uploading to youtube...

You drive me crazy parody...wait till end for the funny bit

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  • Author: incabooties

Tags: around  baby  britney  comedy  crazy  drive  funny  hit  kids  me  messing  more  one  parody  spears  spoof  time  you 

you drive me crazy parody...we were dressed up for hit me baby one more time!!!

Lego animation test

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  • Author: Filmthingstudios

Tags: alltogether^^  animation  brick  days  deutsch  english...  film  finished  Lego  lol  months  oder  or  studios  test  thing  voices 

This is a animatio test i did for my next video to come... for my bad luck I am new in town where i am now so im tryna make fast friends so they can help me with the voices (funnybit teehee) no uhm.. seriously im really worried that want work..It may take days/weeks/months/years/mileniums/or all together...please rate and comment...

Funny Animation 1

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  • Author: brodie199611

Tags: animation  anime  art  clay  experimental  film  film.  funny  mation  short  trailer  vid  video 

A random funny bit of animation and its very funny

Kim Jong ill secretly filmed

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  • Author: gaddugaddu

Tags: gotcha! 

Compression testing at a New Zealand University in late 80's. Footage from hidden lab camera.Watch at end for funny bit

anoying boy timmy

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  • Author: tugnbudworld

Tags: anoying  bit  boy  funny  tester  timmy 

this is a quick tester to a series i might start making and any feed back would be highly apreciated

Just for Laughs - The Bird Testing

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  • Author: tipstir

Tags: Bird  for  Funny  Just  Laughs  Prank  Testing  The  tipstir 

Funny bit! Enjoy!

Just for Laughs - The Car Horn

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  • Author: tipstir

Tags: Car  for  Funnuy  Horn  Just  Laugh  Laughs  Prank  tipstir 

Funny bit! Enjoy!

Just for Laughs - Girl Photo

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  • Author: tipstir

Tags: for  Funnuy  Girl  Just  Laugh  Laughs  Photo  Prank  tipstir 

Funny bit! Enjoy!

Just for Laughs - On your mark get set GO!

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  • Author: tipstir

Tags: for  Funny  get  GO  Just  Laugh  Laughs  mark  On  Prank  set  tipstir  your 

Funny bit! Enjoy!

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